Will SEAL Team's Latest Explosive Cliffhanger Bring Jason Back To Bravo Team?

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for the SEAL Team episode "The New Normal." Read at your own risk!

Jason Hayes had only just left Bravo, and now SEAL Team is trying to pull David Boreanaz's character into the mix all over again. It all stems from the latest explosive cliffhanger, which left Ray in a tight spot and out on his own while his brothers were sidelined.

This unfortunate sequence of events all stemmed from Ray's elevated status overall. He learned in the latest SEAL Team that he's no longer exclusive to Bravo Team, which meant he had to go wheels-up on a separate mission without their backup. Things appeared to be going well for him in the episode's end, right up until there was an explosion in the building he was in. Though Ray appeared intact in the preview for the next episode, the synopsis for "Shockwave" shows that his life may very much be in danger.

When Warrant Officer Ray Perry goes missing following an explosion in Tunisia, his former teammates wrestle with how to help their brother and his family while Bravo Team is sidelined.

The preview for next week's episode featured Jason obviously getting riled up about the situation, and directly requesting that he rejoin Bravo Team. SEAL Team didn't reveal whether or not he'd get the go-ahead, so there is a chance coming out of retirement won't be as easy for Jason as he thought. Then again, David Boreanaz is the star of the show, so it's hard to believe he'll just spend the rest of the series doing office work.

Plus, Ray is in some real danger, and this is the perfect situation for the Bravo team past and present to congregate over something that will ultimately unify them. Plus, if you want Bravo Team at its best for a rescue mission, it only makes sense that Jason Hayes is in the mix. Otherwise, SEAL Team may have to write off another key character this season, which seems like a very unlikely event.

The real question is whether or not Jason is ready to be back in Bravo. Sure there was no denying in the episode that he was intentionally dodging hangouts with his team or engaging in any field training exercises to avoid getting the itch to return, but he has a good reason for that.

Jason has gone through hell and back in his personal and professional life, and without a clear head, he could be a liability to others out in the field. That's not to say he can't one day get in a better place and be able to return, but right now may just be too soon for him to get the green light from the powers that be.

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