Sean Penn Claimed Russians Hacked His Hair, And The Internet Was Here For It

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Actor Sean Penn is a legend in Hollywood, but even he has felt the struggle of 2020. The actor went on MSNBC news show Morning Joe, and while his interview was solid, the moment was sabotaged by Russians who hacked the actor's hair.

At least, that's who Sean Penn is blaming for the insane hairstyle he had on the program. The actor shared his theory with the internet, as well as a link to the CORE Response organization.

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As expected, the internet was in love with the response and the fact that Sean Penn got on television looking like he literally just rolled out of bed. The memes began flowing in from all over the internet, and yes, Dazed and Confused was used for a few of them.

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Apparently, bad hair days only exist for people who care. Sean Penn was clearly not embarrassed about appearing on camera disheveled or was just dead set on not letting the Russians win. Regardless it seems like he hasn't gotten a lot of flak for the less than professional look, and instead, people are embracing this latest trending news topic as another indicator that 2020 was just a wild year all around.

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And really, there are few better ways to represent 2020. It's been an up-and-down year, and while we've all had to make the adjustment to increased virtual interaction, some days it is what it is. We've all had to change a lot this year, so it's not like many are in a place where they can judge Sean Penn for hopping on a televised interview looking like he just got in a fight.

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Maybe the reason Sean Penn avoided a thorough "drag" by the internet is that a lot of people just appreciate the actor's humanitarian efforts. Penn has a long history of working during many national disasters, and COVID-19 is no exception. His non-profit CORE has worked since the start of the pandemic to ensure COVID-19 testing for all, and in the process created one of the largest COVID-19 testing sites in the United States. For that, and the fact that there are worse hair days one can have, many are willing to give him a pass.

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If nothing else, Sean Penn proved that even the best of us can have a bad hair day that could be embarrassing, but if we own it or blame another country, the internet will love us? I guess I'm not entirely sure what the lesson is here, or if there is one at all, but I have learned that I and the internet still love Sean Penn.

2020 is almost over, but CinemaBlend is still around for the rest of the year and beyond to bring the latest in entertainment news. Continue to stick with us for more on Sean Penn, and for more happening in the world of television and movies.

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