Bachelor Spoilers: Did Peter Weber's Mom Make Him And Madison Prewett Break Up?

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WARNING: Spoilers ahead for the finale of Peter Weber's 2020 season of The Bachelor and its aftermath!

OOOOOh, weeeeeee! Bachelor Nation, we all knew things were going to be tough for Peter Weber and Madison Prewett after we saw what happened on that live, After the Final Rose Bachelor finale Tuesday night, but it did not take long for romance bombs to start dropping. Few of us can get the words and images out of our heads after watching Peter's mom, Barbara Weber, stick to her Madison-hate guns and then double down on her feelings...on live television with Peter and Madison sitting right in front of her. Now, the couple has already officially broken up...AGAIN.

If you're thinking this is just a hint of a rumor that we're going off of here, unfortunately for Maditer fans (I have no idea what their blended name would have been, OK?), the news of Peter and Madison breaking up and deciding to forgo any more romantic opportunities together has come from Ms. Prewett herself, via Instagram. Take a look:

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Boy, oh boy, Oh. BOY. Alright, there is a lot I could pick apart here, but let's just deal with what Madison said in her post. After giving thanks for her whole experience on The Bachelor, she notes that she's better for it and has "learned the importance of acceptance, forgiveness, and grace," before dropping the information that she and Peter have "decided to go our separate ways." It sounds so mature and civilized, doesn't it? I am pretty sure it was exactly that simple, while also being a time which was filled with hot, hot tears of anger and disappointment.

So, Madison's post came in the wee hours of the morning, and after what happened on The Bachelor finale, I really can't imagine that she and Peter weren't trying to figure out how to move on from the time the cameras stopped rolling until right up to when she posted about their breakup. That's two full days of conversations about how, exactly, they could date when all of Peter's family was sour on the idea of him being with Madison, and his mom had been very vocal about how Peter would need to "fail to succeed" in his relationship with her.

Now, Barb had a lot of solid reasons for not liking Madison or the idea of Peter dating (potentially marrying) her. We found out that Madison made the Webers wait for three hours after getting to Australia to meet them, with Peter having to talk her into it, and that when Barb asked Madison if she was in love with Peter she said no and that she wouldn't accept his proposal if asked. Barb and the family were already unsure about how Madison's very religious nature and Peter's love of sex and partying would mesh, so this was the nail in the coffin for Barb.

Now, here's the other thing. While a lot of people in Bachelor Nation agreed with Barb in thinking that a relationship with Peter and Madison wouldn't work because their values seemed too different, it's possible that this breakup has to do not only with their differing lifestyles, and the fact that Peter's family hates Madison. According to Reality Steve, there have been rumors floating around for the past three months that once Peter was done filming he did something that Madison most certainly wouldn't approve of: sleep around with several women.

And, the most important of these women? Kelley Flanagan! She who says she wasn't invited to the Women Tell All, but whom producers made damn sure to have in the audience at the finale. There have been "rumors swirling" since Super Bowl weekend (a few days after Hannah Ann Sluss gave Peter's engagement ring back) that Peter and Kelley spent the weekend together and made with the sexytimes. Kelley says now that she and Peter aren't dating, which could very well be true, but that doesn't mean they didn't spend a weekend together.

Also, lending some truth to the weekend bangathon rumors, is the fact that Peter's family follows Kelley on Instagram, and, on Tuesday night after the finale when she posted her well wishes to "everyone involved," Barb replied by saying, "You were and will always be my Fav," and lavishing Kelley with other forms of praise.

Part of the reason Madison got back with Peter was that he claimed he had more feelings for her than for Hannah Ann. And, this might be true, but if rumors are to be believed it's also true that he couldn't stop his windmill sex ways after telling Hannah Ann he couldn't give her what she wants. If Madison confronted him, over the past two days, about these rumors and he copped to any sex with anyone else, that activity (on top of the family-hate) would certainly lead to a breakup, as well.

Man, what a mess, right? I mean, it was a mess all season, but this aftermath mess is kinda wearing a girl out, you know what I mean?

Peter Weber's time as The Bachelor is finally over, but Bachelor Nation keeps rolling on. April 13 will see the premiere of the new musical entry in the franchise, The Bachelor: Listen To Your Heart, which has already given us some major fuck boy spoilers, so be sure to check those out. Then, May 18 will bring us Clare Crawley and The Bachelorette Season 16, for which we already have quite a few details on her season and the men she'll be dating. So, stay tuned to CinemaBlend for all your Bachelor Nation news and spoilers!

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