Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist: Did Zoey Make The Right Choice Between Max And Simon In Season 2 Premiere?


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Spoilers ahead for the Season 2 premiere of Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist, fittingly called "Zoey's Extraordinary Return."

Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist has returned to NBC with a COVID-free episode that tackled multiple musical genres, starting with a grand Hello Dolly number at the office that proved that ZEP hasn't lost its beat over hiatus. A particularly memorable song, however, was Max and Simon's dueling duet performance of Jet's "Are You Gonna Be My Girl," seemingly setting the stage for the continuation of the love triangle with the guys still competing for Zoey's heart. So, it came as something of a surprise when Zoey made her choice and planted a kiss on Max at the end of the hour. Did she make the right choice?

Well, if we were going to base Zoey's choice on just "Are You Gonna Be My Girl," I wouldn't blame her if she wouldn't have been able to make a choice at all, because both gents delivered killer performances. As Mo said, Zoey was stuck between handsome and handsomer, although she wouldn't say which was which. Fortunately, Zoey based her decision on more than just their singing and dance moves, but I'm not sure that it bodes well for her for the rest of the season.

I've actually been on Team Max in the Max vs. Simon conflict of Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist, mostly because Simon fanning the flames with Zoey while still with Jessica wasn't a good look and makes me think that he could do it again. Plus, I love a good story of best friends falling for each other. So, I probably should have been over the moon that Zoey went for Max at the end of "Zoey's Extraordinary Return." Instead, I can't help but think that Zoey settled the love triangle way too early in the season for it to actually be over.

It's not a matter of Zoey choosing one or the other that worries me for what's to come on the romance front, but rather than she made a choice at all so early in Season 2. Maybe I'm just jaded from watching a ton of TV and learning from experience to expect drama even at the best of times, but we can't have a happy ending at the beginning of a story! Plus, in the trailer for the next episode of Season 2, Zoey is heard telling Max in the middle of a makeout session that "this is a nice distraction."

The sky isn't necessarily falling for Zoey/Max, and I'm definitely excited that Zoey chose him in this episode. But I'm still stuck wondering if Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist will go on to show that Zoey chose her best friend because he's comfortable, safe, and her dad loved him. She'll be around Simon on a regular basis at the office (along with a newcomer), and probably has more reasons than ever to interact with him now that she took over the fourth floor from Joan. I'm hoping that I'm wrong and ZEP gives the love triangle a rest so Zoey can enjoy some calm and happiness for at least a while. My mind would just be more at rest if she didn't make a choice at all so soon.

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