Sam Heughan Reveals How Outlander Could Change Things For Season 6

While the Droughtlander has already been long, and promises to go on for at least a bit longer, it does sound like the Starz hit Outlander is finally on the verge of filming Season 6. Jamie, Claire, Brianna, Roger, and all of our other favorite characters up on Fraser's Ridge were left to deal with the consequences of a seriously brutal storyline, while getting ever closer to the Revolutionary War and their eventual parts in it. We might not know any of the specifics for Season 6 just yet, but star Sam Heughan is now revealing how Outlander could change when it returns to our screens.

Outlander is, of course, based on a very long-running series of novels by author Diana Gabaldon, and the series takes its general inspiration for each season from the corresponding book. Season 6, then, is expected to follow a lot of the plot points found in Gabaldon's sixth novel, A Breath of Snow and Ashes. But, fans will know that some of those major stories were moved around and included in Season 5. When asked what this could mean for the events of the next season, Sam Heughan told Parade:

Actually, if I could tell you–I can’t because I haven’t seen all the scripts–I would say because we have so much history and time travel and all that, we can pull from any book. So there may be not just book seven but other books we pull from.

I mean...WHAT?! I realize that Outlander has changed major details from the books before (I will forever miss Murtagh, even though he lived way longer on the show!), but what kind of season will we be watching if the stories in the books are all shuffled about? I'm sure most Outlander fans trust the producers and writers to make good decisions when choosing what to put on screen in every new installment, but this could be wacky.

It would be natural to go through the series and read the next two books, An Echo in the Bone and Written in My Own Heart's Blood, to try and figure out what might be moved back for Season 6, but if you carefully consider Sam Heughan's words, it sounds like anything that was left out of earlier books could, somehow, come into play as well.

Meanwhile, if you're wondering what's in store for Jamie, in particular, well, Heughan has something else you should hear. When asked if he's worked any of the ways Jamie handles love and relationships into his own life, he said:

There is also something that surprises you as well. Every season, every episode, there is always something that you don’t expect. And I’m like, “OK, that’s what Jamie’s doing. That’s who he is.” Actually, this season from what I’ve seen of the scripts, I’m excited because I think there is another side to him you haven’t seen before.

Man, alive...what does that mean, Sam Heughan?! We have seen a lot of Jamie's sides through the course of five seasons. The man has been through way more than any normal human should have to handle and is still a decent human being who tries to do the right thing. So, what could possibly be next which will bring out something we've never seen in him before?

I don't know about you, fans, but I'm a little bit scared for James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser right now.

Clearly, we'll have to wait until Outlander Season 6 rolls around to get a full understanding of what Sam Heughan has teased, and the new season should be quite a ride when it debuts. There's no word on a premiere date yet, so stay tuned to CinemaBlend for the latest!

Adrienne Jones
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