New Britney Spears Hulu Trailer Delves Into The 'Free Britney Movement' And More

Britney Spears has been one of the most important and influential pop stars of the last two decades. But in recent years, the pop music icon has become a shell of herself under a decade-long conservatorship. Her fanbase hasn’t been happy over her treatment, sparking the “Free Britney Movement”. Now, a new Hulu trailer delves into Britney Spears’ conservatorship, Free Britney Movement and much more.

The upcoming documentary is an episode of the Hulu investigative series The New York Times Presents. The upcoming episode explores the conservatorship Britney Spears has been under in 2008. This episode features interviews from people close to the Spears camp along with members of the “Free Britney Movement” and media personalities. So, the documentary takes a huge look at how the decade-long conservatorship has affected the pop superstar and her fanbase.

From the looks of the trailer, "Framing Britney Spears" seems to dig more into the media’s perception of Britney Spears and how the conservatorship has affected her image. After years of being online. The “Free Britney Movement” is finally able to have a voice on mental and physical well-being. There seems to even more focus on getting Spears to take on the longstanding situation (despite no actual video or voice recordings from her).

While the trailer spotlights the ins and outs of Britney Spears’ fight against the conservatorship, many of the figures in the episode give a new in-depth perspective on Spears and her father’s relationship. The legal battle between the pop superstar and her father Jamie Spears has been very public as Spears tries to gain back control of her finances and personal life. Spears have been placed her music career on pause to fight against the conservatorship.

"Framing Britney Spears" is the latest look into the legal battle for Britney Spears to gain control over her life. For months, members of the “Free Britney Movement” have been raising public awareness of the pop music icon’s possible mental and financial issues under the conservatorship. A series of Instagram posts in Summer 2020 drew concern from her fans as she seemed to be sending signals to them. Things intensified as the movement gained increased momentum online with the ACLU volunteering to help the pop superstar in her legal battle. Spears and her legal team were able to cut ties with her business manager in Nov. 2020, who was hired by her father. But they had a major setback later that month as a California judge struck down a motion to remove her father from the conservatorship.

After years of watching Britney Spears fight for her freedom, Framing Britney Spears will finally give the public a peek into what the pop superstar and her fanbase have been fighting for. If you want to check out The New York Times Presents episode "Framing Britney Spears," it will be released on Hulu on Feb. 5.

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