Britney Spears Isn't Planning Any Future Performances, Leading To New Hurdle In Court Case

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Pop superstar Britney Spears has been back in court over concerns about the conservatorship she was placed under way back in 2008. The singer is now dealing with some issues she's having with her father, Jamie Spears, over his desire to put someone back in charge of the agreement whom his famous daughter believes to be "uniquely unsuitable" for the job. And, some of this trouble has come about because the younger Spears now admits that she's not looking to perform any time soon.

Here's what's going on. If you've been following Britney Spears and all of her conservatorship drama over the years, you'll know that basically every aspect of her life had to be signed off on by her dad before she was allowed to do much of anything of note, while all of her purchases were tracked. Jamie Spears has been conservator of her person since the conservatorship began, while attorney Andrew M. Wallet was co-conservator and controlled her finances. But, Wallet resigned in March of 2019, leaving the elder Spears with full control over his daughter's life decisions and estate until he also stepped down due to health reasons last September.

Spears has been trying to get her father removed from her conservatorship since August, when she had to go back to court to discuss who would be in charge after the temporary conservator who was appointed in place of her dad, Jodi Montgomery, was set to go back to simply being her longtime care manager. In new court documents obtained by Entertainment Tonight, Spears has revealed that one of the reasons she does not want Wallet to return to his position as co-conservator, is because she has no plans to perform right now, and would like to save some money, because Wallet's services are just too expensive.

Apparently, Jamie Spears' request that Wallet be put back into his former position was due to his daughter saying she didn't want to perform, which "will require him to undertake drastic changes to her budget" that Spears seemingly felt he couldn't undertake on his own. According to TMZ, the documents also state that Wallet made almost $500,000 dollars a year for the last five years he acted as co-conservator, which includes a $100,000 payout early last year when he quit.

The other reason Britney Spears is unhappy with her father's choice of co-conservator would appear to be how Wallet handled her case previously, as the court documents filed by her lawyer also state:

Apart from the fact that Mr. Wallet has been extremely expensive in the past, based on what occurred over the 11 years he served as her co-conservator, there is no reason to believe that Mr. Wallet will be able to work with Britney to explain and implement any difficult budgetary choices that must be made.

It was also back in August that Britney Spears asked the court to permanently appoint Montgomery as the conservator of her person, but her concerns went unaddressed. Now, Spears is also asking that, instead of Wallet, a "a corporate fiduciary who can offer both a physical office and a team of independent financial professionals rather than a single individual, hand-picked by her father, who is a complete stranger to her," to handle all of her money matters. She's already asked that the Bessemer Trust Company of California be given the duty, which is a move that her mother, Lynn Spears, agrees with.

Man, this is such a tricky situation. I'm sure most of us just want the best for Britney Spears, and for her to always get the help she needs in every area of her life, so here's hoping that whatever the outcome, it leads to her being able to live the best life possible. You can stay tuned to CinemaBlend for the latest on this, and everything in TV, movies and pop culture.

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