Why Cobra Kai's Johnny And Carmen Are A 'Believable' Couple, According To One Star

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Cobra Kai Season 3 is out on Netflix, and with its ending comes a major question about Johnny Lawrence and Carmen Diaz. The two characters certainly seemed to be on the verge of taking their friendship to the next level, even with Ali Mills making an unexpected trip to town. The couple's status is still in question at the season's end, but there's reason to believe the two will reconnect and finally be together in Season 4.

Vanessa Rubio recently spoke about Carmen's relationship with Johnny and exploring that on screen, and pointed out how believable she feels the two are. Check out what Rubio had to say about the Cobra Kai character's relationship and how they may see each other in a way other characters wouldn't:

I think it's surprising, it's organic, well-written, and believable. They're both characters of strong feeling, Carmen and Johnny. They understand those aspects of each other that maybe other characters in the series don't get to see, like how sensitive Johnny is. Carmen sees it and she identifies with that. So they provide a certain ground for each other, which is really lovely.

When TVInsider asked about Ali Mills potentially ruining the plans, Vanessa Rubio wasn't concerned. In fact, she talked about the situation giving Johnny closure, which was exactly what William Zabka said to CinemaBlend when asked about the relationship with Carmen. It seems to me like both actors are stressing that, if anything, Ali only solidified Johnny's feelings for Carmen, which obviously made it easier for him to commit towards the end of Season 3.

As mentioned, Season 4 looks to be the season the two could officially go steady, though Cobra Kai actors have teased they like to give their characters "Ross and Rachel" types of dynamics. I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if something happens that keeps Carmen and Johnny from having a relationship at least in the short term. Plus, who knows how Miguel will react should he actually find out his mom and Johnny are getting hot and heavy. Miguel certainly thinks Johnny is a great sensei, but does he believe his sensei would be a great boyfriend to his mom long-term? Vanessa Rubio doesn't have the answers but shared how she think it would go down should things get serious between Carmen and Johnny:

I think it's all in the delivery of how he finds out. I know nothing about Season 4, but in an ideal world I'd be like, ‘They're going to sit him down and tell them about it.’ I think it's probably going to be more juicy if he finds out some other way, but we shall see.

I'm hoping Miguel finds out by Carmen and Johnny telling him, if only because I can't handle Cobra Kai having another relationship discovered by someone walking in on a kiss. Plus, Miguel has bigger fish to fry with Robby now on team Cobra Kai, so it would be ideal if his mom's love life weren't keeping him distracted from the upcoming All-Valley Tournament.

Season 4 of Cobra Kai is confirmed and on the way, and all three previous seasons can currently be binged on Netflix. Do you want to see Carmen and Johnny end up together, or were you hoping Johnny would hook up with Ali? Let us know in our poll and add any additional commentary in the comment section.

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