90 Day Fiance Just Revealed A New Spinoff With A Unique Twist

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90 Day Fiancé has ballooned into a massive franchise with numerous spinoffs of all kinds, and the party isn't ending anytime soon. On top of all the new shows that 2021 has already delivered, Shaun Robinson confirmed on the latest episode of 90 Day Bares All that yet another new spinoff is on the way. But this one has a unique twist that, perhaps surprisingly, won't focus entirely on marriage as the outcome.

The spinoff is called 90 Day: The Single Life, and it was revealed that it will focus on past 90 Day Fiancé cast members and their forays into single-life adventures and attempts to find love again. A premiere date was not announced for the new series, but Shaun Robinson did confirm that the spinoff would be exclusive to the Discovery+ streaming service.

Since this was just a bare-bones announcement, fans didn't get to hear a rundown of everyone who will be appearing on 90 Day: The Single LIfe, but Shaun Robinson did confirm that the 90 Day Bares All guest, Molly Hopkins, would be one of the stars involved. Hopkins was a participant in Season 5 and has since become a staple on TLC's chat show spinoff Pillow Talk. In a first-look clip for the new spinoff, viewers were treated to watching Molly Hopkins doing a little roleplaying for a mystery man over video chat.

Another former star that one might speculate would be ripe for 90 Day: The Single LIfe is Big Ed Brown, who was spotted with a camera crew months ago. The assumption was that his popularity was enough that 90 Day Fiancé's producers would be looking to get him involved in some sort of spinoff despite his failed relationship with Rose Vega. I would imagine he's a perfect fit for 90 Day: The Single Life and that camera crews may have indeed been filming footage that will ultimately be shown in the follow-up series.

Another potential candidate for filming would be Colt Johnson, who has failed to find love not just once, but twice, in the 90 Day Fiancé world. Colt was single at the end of Happily Ever After? though rumors have since swirled that he's dating long-time American friend Vanessa Guerra. A picture surfaced last year of Colt seemingly proposing to Vanessa, with camera crews documenting the whole thing.

Of course, there are many candidates for 90 Day: The Single Life to follow, which makes this a brilliant spinoff for the franchise to capitalize on. I expect, however, there will be no shortage of fans grumbling about another new show, as well as the fact that it won't be appearing on TLC proper, and that they'll have to pay for Discovery+ to see it. Are audiences still jaded about the streaming service, or will this new spinoff be the one that pulls a majority of the fandom over to it?

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