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90 Day Fiance's Molly Hopkins Violent Altercation With Daughter Revealed In New Documents

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90 Day Fiancé star and Pillow Talk staple Molly Hopkins had some family drama back in October. Now, details on a violent altercation involving her daughter have finally come to light. The incident in question involves Molly's daughter, Olivia, who was seen on the series when Molly was introduced in Season 5.

Fans may know that Olivia was arrested and publically ranted about her mother not long after her arrest, but the details of the event have only just now come to light. In arrest documents obtained by Soap Dirt, it's revealed that Olivia was arrested after a fight broke out between her and Molly Hopkins. Police arrived at Molly's home and heard shouting from inside the house. In Olivia's telling of the events, she arrived at Molly's home to discuss a boyfriend's infidelity and was shoved off the bed by her mother after asking why she only received $20 for her birthday when her mother has expensive boots in her closet. She then hit her mother in self-defense to protect her from another attack.

Molly Hopkins' story, which was backed up by an unnamed eyewitness, said that Olivia showed up and went on a tirade about how she was a bad mom. Molly said her daughter then grabbed a pair of Gucci boots and, when Molly tried to take the boots back, Olivia kicked and punched her. The eyewitness added that Olivia punched her mother in the face and grabbed her by the hair before fleeing to the garage when a sheriff arrived. Molly added an allegation that she believed her daughter was "under the influence of something."

Olivia was arrested and charged with simple battery in violation of Georgia’s Family Violence Act. The arrest happened in October and, while Olivia's attorney asked permission for the court to waive the conditions of her bond so that she could visit her mother in November, the motion remains unanswered. This could mean that Molly Hopkins has not dropped the charges against her daughter and may not have any plans to do so.

It's unclear what charges Olivia faces if found guilty of the charges but, for now, she's barred from visiting her mother. Should she choose to visit her at home or her place of business anyway, she will be arrested, and it wouldn't look good for her court date should Molly keep the charges active until then.

90 Day Fiancé viewers may remember Olivia Hopkins played a role in Molly's storyline after Luis Mendez (Molly's foreign now ex-husband) asked about whether or not Olivia was sexually active with her boyfriend. Molly was uncomfortable with the conversation and uneasy about the fact that Luis would try to discuss that type of topic before he was any fatherly figure to Olivia.

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