Chicago P.D.'s Voight Discovers Suspicious Behavior From A Fellow Cop In Tense New Episode Clip

Chicago P.D. is returning to NBC after a brief hiatus with an episode that will require the cops of the Intelligence Unit to take a close look at a fellow CPD officer after his murder. While this won't be the first instance of suspicion within the CPD over the years of the show so far, an exclusive scene from the next episode (seen above) reveals some tension when Voight learns the latest on the investigation into Patrol Officer Mike Blaine.

This episode, called "Unforgiven" and airing on January 27, will see the seemingly upstanding Officer Mike Blaine shot and murdered under suspicious circumstances, and suspicion will fall on somebody who has been holding a grudge against him. That said, Samantha Miller isn't quick to want to defend Blaine until she knows the full story of what happened, and the tense clip showing the team looking at tire tracks and explaining their research to Voight indicates that there definitely is more to his murder than meets the eye.

In the scene, the cops of Intelligence clearly don't want to break the news to Voight that they found some "suspicious" texts between Officer Mike Blaine's phone and a burner, security footage of Blaine making a hand-to-hand exchange in a park, and the identity of the other man as member of a gang. In fact, the way they pass the news around seems like they're sharing the burden of breaking the news instead of one person potentially taking heat.

The tension in the scene as the members of the Intelligence team pass the news around seems to point toward Voight having a connection to Officer Blaine at some point before Chicago P.D. picked up. If anything, the scene reminds me of a group of kids not wanting to tell their dad that they broke something because they're nervous about his reaction, although the events of the previous episode when it comes to Upton and Halstead mean that the sibling comparisons should only go so far.

So, how will Voight handle the news that suspicion is falling on Blaine after his death? That may depend on how early in the episode this particular scene falls, and how they seemingly knew each other. The rest of Intelligence appears to be relatively early in their investigation into Blaine in the scene, but it's possible they weren't assigned to dig into him until after Miller showed some reluctance to come to his defense. She has been very aware of eyes on CPD ever since she made her debut, after all, and she'll presumably want CPD's bases covered.

As for what else happens in "Unforgiven," we'll have to wait and see. The previous episode was a big one for Burgess as she stepped up for a young girl and perhaps reignited her desire to be a mom, and ended on a big Upstead kiss after Upton made the decision not to take the FBI job. Showrunner Rick Eid wasn't kidding when he talked about the "catalyst" for Upton and Halstead moving forward!

Check out the "Unforgiven" episode of Chicago P.D. on NBC on Wednesday, January 27 at 10 p.m. ET. The One Chicago block is going strong on Wednesdays, with Med opening the night at 8 p.m. ET and Fire keeping the action going at 9 p.m. ET before the crime-solving starts on P.D. A newcomer is on the way to Intelligence, and he may have a rough time fitting in with the team, at least at first.

Laura Hurley
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