After Facing Criticism For Controversial Comments, Will Real Housewives Of Orange County's Kelly Dodd Be Fired?

Kelly Dodd on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen
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They say any publicity is good publicity. But the recent controversy surrounding Real Housewives of Orange County alum Kelly Dodd has some speculating about the likelihood of her being ousted from the reality show that brought fame to her name. Her recent comments, which ranged from her feelings on protests to the pandemic, have been behind the chatter.

During the recent epic reunion show for The Real Housewives of Orange County, host Andy Cohen confronted Kelly Dodd about past remarks and how there was even a call to boycott the show over it. Dodd’s reaction? Absolutely wild. She noted:

I get them too, saying that you're anti-American. That you put your political beliefs out there, that they don't want to watch a political show.

This is the Kelly Dodd way: fighting fire with more fire. She quickly became a fan-favorite on the show for her ability to say what many were thinking, and even what others would never dare think. But to throw it back in Andy Cohen’s lap (he's an executive producer of The Real Housewives franchise), was probably not the best move. Though Cohen’s history of stoking the flames of controversy could ultimately save her from getting axed, being fired from an endorsement deal certainly won’t help.

In a statement to Us Weekly, the Positive Beverage company recently revealed it had cut ties with Kelly Dodd, stating:

Today was a rough day: our stakeholder, Kelly Dodd, was distanced from our company as an ambassador of the brand after the recent weeks and days of social media presence, indicating her opinions about people and the pandemic. Unfortunately, these values weren’t aligned with our tone and priorities of inclusion, diversity, wellness and health within every pillar of daily life. While she remains a minority shareholder in the company, we made the decision today to formally sever ties with her endorsement and likeness with our brand, so that we can continue our charge to spread good vibes and healthy hydration to everyone!

After five years and the departure of Queen OGs Tamra Judge and Vicki Gunvalson, Kelly Dodd rose as one of the new leaders of the WASP-set of Orange County. Her storyline this year featured her as a brand ambassador for Positive Beverage prominently. The show filmed her promoting the brand at events and getting into petty squabbles with cast mate Shannon Beador over the difference between a drink and a “tincture.”

But coronavirus hit, and then you-know-what hit the fan for Kelly Dodd.

She made several controversial statements on the show and in public that criticized the new public health rules of wearing a mask, even though one of her fellow cast mates tested positive. She also mocked Black Lives Matter and, in the recent reunion episode, downplayed Braunwyn Windham-Burke’s admitted alcoholism.

Kelly Dodd initially came under fire in April 2020 for saying coronavirus was “God’s way of thinning the herd," which she ultimately apologized for. In addition, On Watch What Happens Live, Dodd backtracked her words, “It was a stupid thing for me to say. It was insensitive and I apologize if I hurt or offended anybody. That wasn’t really my intent.”

She also doubled down in the show’s confessionals that she wasn’t going to let coronavirus bring her down. She has since been a party to group gatherings she also shared on social media, such as going out to restaurants and her marriage ceremony to Fox News reporter Rick Leventhal.

Kelly Dodd casually brushed aside the Positive Beverage firing in a tweet, mentioning she was "glad" to "help put Positive Beverage on the map." She also hinted at a separate deal she may have coming up with a beauty company. Finally, she also maintained that she wasn’t going to be fired from the show:

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Though Kelly Dodd began The Real Housewives of Orange County as a wacky personality with a slight case of vomiting up cruel insults, she has since run the gambit of verbal sparring with friends, colleagues, and fans alike. She may not be fired yet – certainly many other Housewives have had their fair share of controversial comments. But if she were, would it really be such a surprise?

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