Super Bowl Barber Tests Positive For Covid Before Patrick Mahomes’ Haircut And Twitter Has Jokes

Patrick Mahomes getting his haircut.

Most NFL teams get worried about practice field injuries in the weeks leading up to the Super Bowl, but it turns out what Chiefs coach Andy Reid should have been worried about was the team barber. A rapid test for Covid reportedly came back positive while the stylist was in the middle of cutting one of the player’s hair. As a result, two Chiefs have reportedly been isolated as part of Covid protocols, and it could have been far worse as another 20 players were reportedly in line for haircuts including star quarterback and last year’s Super Bowl MVP Patrick Mahomes.

If nothing else, this story is definitely a glass half full or glass half empty situation. On the one hand, it must be really frustrating for the Chiefs to have to deal with isolating two different players and facing additional tests, all because the team barber got Covid. On the other hand, imagine how much worse this easily could have been. According to ESPN, the two players who were exposed, Demarcus Robinson and Daniel Kilgore who was literally mid-haircut when the results of the rapid test came back, both are isolating and have to sit out all team activities until they’re cleared, which should happen right before the Super Bowl. That would have been an utter disaster if more players were affected.

Let the record show Daniel Kilgore is a glass half full kinda guy, at least as it relates to this issue. He immediately hit up Twitter to joke about what happened and posted a new profile picture making light of the test happening while he was in the middle of his haircut…

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Of course, he wasn’t the only one on Twitter that had some jokes. A sea of football fans have gotten their laughs in in the time since. A lot of the response has just been run of the mill thank God Patrick Mahomes wasn’t effected type comments, but there have been some that cut through the standard comments and been a bit more amusing, at least in an intentionally eye-rolling kind of way. Here’s one from ESPN talking head Mina Kimes, who is always good for a Twitter response. She couldn’t help but use some clever word play…

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See. You don’t know whether to groan or high five her. Considering I love jokes that are right there on the line between phenomenal and terrible, I’m all about it. There were also, of course, plenty of people who loved the connection between this barber story and the recent State Farm commercials Patrick Mahomes has done that feature him in a barber chair. There’s something quite fitting about the timing. Plenty have commented on that, and some have taken to making a joke about how this is probably related to the real haircut the quarterback sports. Here’s a slightly more mean-spirited joke from Bill Simmons regular Cousin Sal…

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I’m honestly curious what would have happened if 20 players on the Chiefs had been exposed to Covid and had to quarantine. There were several games this season that the league postponed because so many players were in isolation protocols. Can you even postpone the Super Bowl or are there too many moving parts? Would the ratings have suffered if Patrick Mahomes and other key players were sitting out? How much fun would Chiefs backup Chad Henne have been to watch step-in? To be honest, I want to know the answers to these questions but not as much as I want to see two healthy teams slug it out on Sunday, whether they all have good haircuts or not.

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