Why Full House's Bob Saget Is Still Such Good Friends With The Olsen Twins

Bob Saget may have played dad to the Olsen twins back when he first did Full House, but that doesn't mean he feels like a fatherly figure to Mary-Kate and Ashley, and not just because they didn't reprise their shared role as youngest Tanner daughter Michelle for Netflix's Fuller House. Saget recently spoke about how he feels like a friend to the duo rather than a father, even after all these years.

Bob Saget appeared on Michael Rosenbaum's Inside Of You podcast and shared a bit about how his relationship with each of his "daughters" on Full House cultivated as the years went on. Saget was asked if there was any bad blood between him and the Olsen twins after they refused to reprise their role for Fuller House, and the actor confirmed that's not the case at all.

Ashley and Mary-Kate, I love so much. When I'm in New York or when they're here, when we can, we see each other. . . . Ashley and Mary-Kate are more like friends because I kind of got the whole thing of everything they're about.

That "whole thing" that Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are about is wanting a life outside of acting, as well as a life outside of the spotlight. The two have managed to do the first thing rather well, though the celebrity they gained during their younger years paired with the increased popularity of their younger sister Elizabeth Olsen hasn't kept them entirely out of the spotlight. Even so, the two still find time to hang out with Bob Saget when they can, and according to the actor, they're friends.

The Olsen twins' relationship with Full House actors has been a hot-button issue over the past couple of years since the two refused to appear in the Netflix revival Fuller House. The show took some jabs at Michelle Tanner for never being around during its run, which may have created a narrative for fans that there was some ill-will between the Olsens and the rest of the cast over the show.

Bob Saget has long been a supporter of the Olsen twins, even during the run of Fuller House. While fans may have thought the Olsens owed them an appearance because they played Michelle back in the day and got famous for it, Saget never saw it that way.

People should do what they want with their lives, and when Shirley Temple stopped doing what she did. . . . People, when they're 9 months old and they get a job... I love them very very much, Ashley and Mary-Kate, and they love what they do. And acting is not what they want to do. So people should do what they want to do.

It's probably easier to let go of seeing the Olsen twins in acting when you're their actual friend, but Bob Saget's point is relevant all the same. While Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen were practically born into acting, that doesn't mean the rest of their lives are beholden to it. Who better to understand that than a career comedian and actor like Saget?

For those wondering what Bob Saget is up to after Fuller House, he was revealed as the "Squiggly Monster" in last year's season of The Masked Singer. Do you wish the Olsen twins would've returned for Fuller House? Sound off in our poll and leave any additional thoughts in the comments.

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