The Masked Singer’s Squiggly Monster Revealed Big Plans For The Next Round

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Spoilers for who got eliminated on The Masked Singer’s November 4 episode get discussed below.

It was a wild ride for The Masked Singer's latest eliminated contestant, but that ride has sadly come to an end. Squiggly Monster is not singing the blues, though, though the celeb inside did reveal that he had big plans for the next round if he would have made it. Who was the elaborately costumed Squiggly Monster? Let us just say that The Masked Singer is less of a Full House, now.

If you guessed that Squiggly Monster was comedian Bob Saget, who played Danny Tanner on the iconic series Full House and its Netflix spinoff, you are correct. Fans will recall that Saget before Squiggly Monster came into existence, Saget was a big guess during The Masked Singer Season 3. But it turned out Saget was not The Taco, after all, with that celeb revealed to be none other than former Dancing with the Stars host Tom Bergeron. (A coincidence that both men hosted America's Funniest Home Videos?)

When it came to his time in The Masked Singer's spotlight, Bob “Squiggly Monster” Saget was in no rush for his time on the show to end. The Full House actor and comedian discussed the panelists' guesses – an issue that earned some heat from the Giraffe – before delving into the big plans that he had for his masked future. Relating his excitement, Saget told TVLine:

It was really fun. I wanted to keep going. The joke today I’ve been spinning is, ‘I demand a recount. This is unaccepatable. This is a fraudulent vote. I want the Zoom audience to re-vote.’ I did have one more song to do, which would have been Johnny Cash’s ‘Folsom Prison Blues.’ Which was hilarious as Squiggly.

Noooo! The Masked Singer elimination has deprived viewers of getting to see Squiggly Monster sing the Johnny Cash classic “Folsom Prison Blues.” As upset as you might be about learning that factoid, just imagine how the fake audience feels about it. While Bob Saget did not get to utilize his vocal chops to sing the Man in Black's prison blues, he did get to perform The Rolling Stones’ signature song, “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction.”

If this brings back memories of the Full House episode where Danny teamed up with Jesse and the Rippers to sing The Who's “My Generation," it's only natural. And speaking of the beloved sitcom, one of Bob Saget’s co-stars from the tight-knit cast was in on his Masked Singer secret. Yes, Uncle Jesse himself, John Stamos, knew that Bob Saget was performing as Squiggly Monster. And Saget revealed another big plan was to get Stamos to take part in a future clue. On the missed opportunity, Saget revealed:

Yeah, Stamos knew because he was going to be a clue if I made it to the third song. He would’ve been part of that. He would’ve been one of those friends. He would’ve been a creature and said something like, ‘Well, Squiggly talks about himself a lot.’ That kind of thing.

Everyone who did not vote for Squiggly Monster to move into the next round might be kicking themselves now. Or not, I guess. This season of The Masked Singer has already seen its share of crazy reveals, and Bob Saget getting voted off as Squiggly Monster is yet another surprise. Saget seemed to be taking his elimination in stride, which is lovely. I would like to imagine that Danny Tanner would be proud. Especially if the Squiggly Monster costume was expertly cleaned

Even if it did deprive Full House and Masked Singer fans of seeing Bob Saget and John Stamos team-up again, thankfully, fans have all of those Full House and Fuller House episodes to help take the sting out of it. New episodes of The Masked Singer air Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on FOX. The reality competition is one of the shows airing fresh during this fall’s schedule, so bookmark and check back for updates!

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