Netflix Seems To Agree The Olsen Twins Should Have Been Called In To Assist For Unsolved Mysteries

The Adventures of Mary-Kate & Ashley: The Case of the Thorn Mansion Mary-Kate Olsen Dualstar
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The Unsolved Mysteries reboot has enraptured Netflix subscribers as the series has led to tons of new tips. What would it take to crack these all-too elusive cases? Some fans believe that the Olsen Twins should have gotten called in to assist (there is still time), and Netflix seems to agree. First, some backstory.

Long before the Olsen Twins were unwilling to reprise their role as Michelle Tanner on Fuller House, the duo starred in The Adventures of Mary-Kate & Ashley. The series of videos saw the Olsens play versions of themselves who solved their fair share of capers, including one on a cruise ship. They solved “any crime by dinnertime,” and Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s crime-solving motto was a huge draw for their business.

With those kinds of results, you can understand why an Unsolved Mysteries fan thought to bring in the Olsen Twins to solve the show’s question-raising cases. As you would expect, Netflix sees their point, and you can see the tweet below that proves it:

As you can see from Netflix’s captioning of the original tweet, the fan has a picture of the new Unsolved Mysteries’ logo. After that is a picture of the Olsen Twins from The Adventures of Mary-Kate & Ashley. The next image sees the title card drop the “un” from Unsolved Mysteries to reveal “Solved Mysteries” instead. Yes, Olsens!

Imagine all of the mysterious cases that the Olsen Twins could have solved by now instead of working on their fashion empire? Unsolved Mysteries needs them. Of course, the Olsen Twins were comfortable with letting the mystery of Michelle Tanner continuing to be absent from significant family events prevail, so do not get your hopes up too far.

For those who grew up when the Olsen Twins were two of the world’s biggest superstars, this Unsolved Mysteries in-joke makes all the sense in the world. During The Adventures of Mary-Kate & Ashley, the Olsen Twins solved eleven cases in their direct-to-video series (which I watched, along with reading books based on the series).

This is a true story. When I was a kid, I loved The Adventures of Mary-Kate & Ashley. As an adult, I am an Unsolved Mysteries enthusiast. I think you can pick up on a common theme. Yours truly loves a ready-to-solve mystery, as long as it's not of the paranormal variety.

There is still a lot to talk about where the recently released cases are involved, with fan theories and viewers’ suspicions filling the void left by new episodes.

Unsolved Mysteries is currently streaming on Netflix alongside this year’s premieres. As for The Adventures of Mary-Kate & Ashley, the video series is not available to stream on Netflix at the moment. While you wait for more Unsolved Mysteries, look forward to this fall’s premieres.

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