How Allison Janney Reacted To Mom’s Cancellation On CBS

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For nearly eight years, Mom has been one of the most acclaimed sitcoms on TV. The series is one of many projects comedy genius Chuck Lorre has crafted for CBS over the years. One of the reasons for its success was Oscar and Emmy-winner Allison Janney. Unfortunately, that run will be ending, as CBS has announced the show has been cancelled and will conclude with its current season. With this, Janney has shared her reaction to the cancellation via social media.

Allison Janney has been on a roll for the past few years, and much of that success has been due to her role as Bonnie Plunkett on Mom. Over the series' run, her performance has been singled out, leading to multiple award wins and nominations. With this in mind, news of the show's cancellation must be bittersweet for her. After the news was announced, the Mom star took to Instagram to share her gratitude to the show’s cast and crew. Check out Janney’s heartfelt message below:

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As seen in Allison Janney’s post, the actress couldn’t help but show her love and gratitude to everyone involved in Mom's success. You have to love that she singled out the producers and writers, especially given how important they were to developing Janney’s character. The fact that she included former co-star Anna Faris was especially poignant given recent developments with the series.

Allison Janney’s touching Instagram message did soften the blow of Mom’s cancellation, but the series has gone through quite a bit in recent months. Before Season 8 premiered, fans of the series learned that series co-lead Anna Faris wouldn’t be returning. The news was not only a shock for fans but for the cast and crew who reportedly didn’t know of Faris’ plans beforehand.

In light of her sudden departure, the producers decided to send Faris’ character, Christy, off to law school rather than kill her character off. Janney expressed her feelings on Faris’s shocking exit and what she misses about working with her former co-star. She even opened up about doing the show without her television daughter. Janney and Faris’ palpable mother-daughter dynamic and on-screen chemistry was a key reason for the show’s success. Needless to say, Faris’ departure left a void in the show.

Despite Anna Faris’ exit, Allison Janney and the others were able to move on. The series had evolved from focusing on just Bonnie and Christy’s relationship to becoming an ensemble comedy with actors such as Jamie Pressley and Kristen Johnson joining in. During its eight-season run, Mom consistently ranked within television’s top 50 shows. It scored multiple Emmy nominations, with Janney scoring two Primetime Emmys for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series. All of this puts Janney’s Instagram message in perspective. The show allowed her to grow and evolve with it, leaving the actress grateful and humble for taking part in such an amazing series.

As Season 8 of Mom pushes toward its series finale, you can watch the sitcom Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET on CBS.

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