People Can't Get Enough Of WandaVision's Big Villain Reveal, See The Reactions

Kathryn Hahn as Agnes/Agatha Harkness on WandaVision (2021)

The end is near for WandaVision, and the show still seems to be keeping fans fully invested up until the very end. This latest episode was a nod to mockumentary style comedies like Modern Family and The Office and provided plenty of laughs in that department. However, the episode was also full of major plot developments, including the reveal of the villain. Yes, Kathryn Hahn’s Agnes has been revealed as the true antagonist -- Marvel witch Agatha Harkness. And as you can imagine, viewers had plenty of feelings about the reveal and shared their reactions online.

Fans have been waiting anxiously to learn the identity of WandaVision’s true Big Bad, and the reveal of Agatha Harkness has drawn some interesting and flat-out hilarious responses from commentators from across the web. At the onset of the show, many believed Agnes would turn out to be Agatha and, as such, some fans on Twitter joked about pretending to be shocked by the development:

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However, other fans who were in the know were still amazed by the reveal. This translated to some “surprised” social media reactions:

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WandaVision also threw in a few more surprises to go along with the Agatha reveal. Not only was her identity put out in the open, but the show also detailed her devious deeds throughout the season. With this, fans were able to get a good look at her magical abilities in action. Needless to say, some were very impressed:

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Agnes has definitely done some serious harm to Wanda, Vision and the residents of Westview, New Jersey. But of all her dark actions, the one that’s arguably the most sadistic is her killing of Tommy and Billy’s dog, Sparky. Based on social media reactions, fans are feeling some kind of way about it:

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On top of everything else, WandaVision found a devilishly fun way to outline Agatha’s activities. This was done through a new song entitled “Agatha All Along.” Taking inspiration from The Munsters and Addams Family theme songs, the tune is incredibly catchy, and the internet is here for it:

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Agatha Harkness has quite a history in Marvel Comics, having made her first appearance back in 1970. Since then, she’s served as an ominous force within Marvel lore, though she hasn’t been completely evil. At one point, she even took on Wanda as her pupil in the magical arts.

It remains to be seen what Agatha’s ultimate endgame is in WandaVision. One can only guess what she has to gain from Wanda taking an entire town hostage. Her ultimate goal is sure to be revealed next week, and it could make for a very explosive finale for the Marvel Cinematic Universe show.

WandaVision debuts new episodes Fridays on Disney+.

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