When Calls The Heart Season 8 Premiere: Should Elizabeth Choose Mountie Nathan Grant Or Lucas Bouchard?

Well, it’s that time, Hearties. After filming safely and with no shutdown earlier during the pandemic, When Calls the Heart is finally making its way back onto our TV screens, and the Hallmark family has promised Erin Krakow’s Elizabeth is going to make her choice about her new man after being torn between two options for the last several, several episodes. So as we head into the Season 8 premiere, will she choose Mountie Nathan Grant or business owner and entrepreneur Lucas Bouchard?

For a time now, Hallmark’s been teasing that Season 8 will be the big season when it comes to Elizabeth’s romantic life. There’s been clear competition between Nathan Grant and Lucas Bouchard for a while, and both bring different pros and cons and honestly totally different lifestyles to the table. But a woman can’t string two men along forever, or as Elizabeth calls it she's "allowed herself to drift between two good men." Fans are also getting a little tired of the love triangle, so it makes sense When Calls The Heart will be making some serious moves this season, but which man will it be for Elizabeth?

Kevin McGarry in When Calls The Heart Season 8 Trailer

The Case For Nathan Grant To Win Over Elizabeth On When Calls The Heart

Pros: Nathan Grant, played by Kevin McGarry, and Elizabeth have a lot in common. They both have protective natures and a shared understanding of duty and responsibility within a community. They both have children to care for, Elizabeth with her son Jack and Nathan with his niece Allie. In addition, Elizabeth has a rare understanding of the dangers of Nathan’s job as a Mountie, having lost her first husband in an accident while he was on the job. A life together would be simple and relatively uncomplicated for them in Hope Valley.

Cons: Nathan at first seemingly seems like a pretty straightforward and maybe sometimes even boring character, particularly compared to Lucas. However, we more recently learned about his complex family history, which gave him some additional layers as a character. His work as a Mountie, however, would also put Elizabeth in the position of having to worry an awful lot once more, should she choose to marry Nathan.

Chris McNally in When Calls The Heart trailer

The Case For Lucas Bouchard To Win Over Elizabeth On When Calls The Heart

Pros: Lucas, played by Chris McNally, is devilishly handsome and really wants the best for Elizabeth, which he has evidenced both through romantic gestures -- like taking her into town for a dinner and show -- and also helping to support and setup her writing career. He’s also a successful businessman with more of a career upside. Finally, he’s a man with a background similar to Elizabeth’s own, a shared love of reading and learning, and a little charm and mystery to boot.

Cons: Lucas can be somewhat pushy and make moves for other people, sometimes before they may be ready to go down certain paths. This was evidenced when he sent Elizabeth’s written work to his mother without consulting her first. While he generally means well, there have been several occasions where he’s been involved in antics or activities that have also made Elizabeth doubt him. They’ve moved past this now, and one thing can be said about Lucas: he certainly isn’t boring.

When Calls The Heart has done a good job of developing both characters in ways to make the audience root for them. It’s also done a good job at hiding what the end result might be with Elizabeth’s choice -- and previous season spoilers -- as Season 6 ended with her choosing Lucas for the “Ladies Choice” dance and Season 7 ended with Elizabeth hugging Nathan in view of Lucas.

When Calls The Heart has also set up ways for either man to exit after Elizabeth makes her choice, should the show go that route instead of bringing in another possible love interest. Lucas is a businessman and could move on. Nathan is a Mountie and could be sent to a different community. So far, a new clip from the When Calls The Heart premiere saw Lucas Bouchard’s mother showing up in town on her way to San Francisco, so there will definitely not be many dull moments when the new season kicks off.

When Calls The Heart premieres on Hallmark on Sunday, February 21 at 9 p.m. ET. You can check out the other premieres that are on the way this winter, or just let us know who you think Elizabeth should choose!

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