American Idol: Does Katy Perry's Country Twin Have What It Takes To Win It All?

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American Idol's 2021 season is off to a strong start and, after the premiere was much ado about Claudia Conway and what the judges thought of her, it looks like another memorable competitor will make American swoon with her southern charm. Mississippi teen Hannah Everhart may be the country version of Katy Perry, but is that the type of thing that will win Season 4 at ABC?

American Idol uploaded a segment of Hannah Everhart's audition ahead of her debut episode, and America got a sneak peek at what this 17-year-old from Canton, Mississippi can do. She may be mistaken for a country twin of Katy Perry and, apparently, they like their ribs the same size. But it's hard to say where this singer will fall after seeing this brief glimpse of what she can do:

Obviously, Luke Bryan and crew weren't completely on board with Hannah Everhart's take on "Wayfaring Stranger," but it looked like Katy Perry was grooving along with "At Last." The video ends with a big question mark on whether or not she'll be headed to Hollywood, though I think the judges wouldn't have given her another song if they weren't already leaning towards sending her there, to begin with.

With that being said, not everyone who goes to Hollywood wins American Idol. Everhart definitely has the personality for camera time and a voice that can get her late in the competition, but there have been numerous times over the years Idol contestants have been cut over the wrong song choice and nerves. Both of those were on display in this audition, so there's a big question mark on just how far she can go in the competition.

For now, it's still too early in Season 4 to declare a frontrunner for American Idol, though notable names from the franchise have had their most memorable rounds on that first impression. I wouldn't classify Hannah Everhart's first impression as something on the level of past winners or notables, though it could turn out that way if she goes further in the competition. She's definitely got the on-camera quirkiness that has gotten past hopefuls a good deal of camera time, so if she does advance, I would expect we'll get to see a lot of her.

Some may say the judges were tough on Hannah Everhart, but there's no denying the talent bar on American Idol has been raised in recent years. More contestants are entering with at least a singer/songwriter background, with a few that can add musical playing to that. The days of just singing aren't always enough unless your voice is as phenomenal as Just Sam, so Everhart will need to bring her A-game every time with no mistakes if she wants to win it all.

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