The Orville's Jessica Szohr Is Hyping Fans Up About Season 3 Going Back Into Production

Jessica Szhor as Talla Keyali on The Orville

Fans of The Orville have been waiting a while for Season 3 to finally hit their screens. The fan-favorite sci-fi comedy has been through quite a bit since it aired out its second season way back in 2019. Not only did it find a new home, but COVID has caused it to experience a few production setbacks. However, a recent post from Orville star Jessica Szohr may be enough to get fans hyped about Season 3 preparing to head back into production.

Jessica Szhor, who plays chief of security Talla Keyali on The Orville, recently took to Instagram to shared a post on Instagram, in which she expressed her excitement about returning to the set. And when she gets back to work, she won’t be alone:

Getting my check up from the Doc to make sure Talla is safe to go to space! Looking forward to getting back to the set life! Will be much different with my new little partner in crime. Hope baby girl likes to run lines... Talla has a lot to say in season 3 of @theorville

Jessica Szhor has a lot to be excited about when it comes to Season 3 of The Orville. After being introduced last season, it sounds like Talla is going to have a lot more to do this time around. And as the actress joked, she’ll have her new baby daughter with her to help her run lines. Check out Szhor’s original post, which includes a throwback photo featuring her Talla and Penny Johnson Jerald’s Dr. Claire Finn:

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The Orville Season 3 originally began filming back in October 2019 but like many other shows at the time, production was shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The season would return to production in December 2020 but would ultimately shut down again in January 2021 due to a coronavirus surge. The Orville and other shows were reported to be returning to production by January 18th.

While the numerous setbacks have likely been disappointing for the show’s cast and crew, Seth MacFarlane -- the show’s creator, writer and lead -- was eager to get things rolling again, but he did manage to find some humor in the situation. After the initial delay, he joked that because production paused while they were in the middle of shooting a scene, audiences will likely notice major physical differences in the actors as scenes change in that episode.

The Orville has certainly had a long journey to Season 3 but, if Jessica Szhor’s post is any indication, it looks like it won't be too much longer for before things kick back into gear. Hopefully, the season will be well worth the wait.

Ahead of Season 3, you can catch up on The Orville by streaming the first two seasons on Hulu.

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