The New Day Just Won The RAW Tag Titles Again, But Is That A Good Thing?

Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods Monday Night Raw WWE

Warning! The following contains spoilers for the latest Monday Night Raw that aired Monday, March 15. Read at your own risk!

Monday Night Raw had an unexpected surprise for viewers, though many know by now to expect the unexpected when WrestleMania 37 is around the corner. New Day members Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods challenged the current Raw Tag-Team Champions The Hurt Business (Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin) and ended up scoring their 11th cumulative tag-team title reign.

There was once a time when the WWE couldn't get enough of The New Day, but it seems that time could be over. Negative reactions flooded the internet shortly after the win, and not even Kofi and Xavier's Mortal Kombat-inspired leggings hid the clear disappointment from the fandom that The Hurt Business dropped the titles.

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Emotions ran hot that The Hurt Business, who have had a solid run in the WWE since December, is now without the tag titles with just a month to go before WrestleMania 37. Obviously, there's still time for the two to be worked into the title picture, but as opposed to any talk of a rematch, the WWE worked right into building a new rivalry that's a little more confusing.

Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston's celebration was cut short by AJ Styles, who showed up and announced that he and his bodyguard Omos wanted to try out being a tag-team. Well, apparently WWE liked the sound of that because the two will have their debut as a tag-team against New Day for the titles at WrestleMania 37. Fans were shocked that WWE would not grant The Hurt Business a rematch, but also somewhat astonished that AJ Styles' plan for the biggest wrestling event of the year would be a tag-team match against a legendary faction like New Day.

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And really, it's fair to say the whole WrestleMania 37 event will be the coming-out party of the 7'0 giant Omos. It's the Nigerian-born wrestler's first shot at a title, and based on how WWE treats its big men, won't be the last if he does well. New Day could be offered up as the sacrificial lambs that ultimately propel Omos' career, and obviously tag-teaming with AJ Styles is only going to help.

If that's the plan, perhaps it's for the best The Hurt Business is out of WrestleMania 37, though that's not a guarantee. We're still a month out from the big event, which means any other tag-team or stipulation could still be added to this match. I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin are added to the match, though for reasons previously mentioned, I don't know if the plan is for them to regain the titles. Perhaps it's best if they just wait this one out and aid Bobby Lashley in his title match against Drew McIntyre?

Monday Night Raw airs on USA Mondays at 8:00 p.m. ET. Do you think The Hurt Business got screwed out of the titles? Sound off in our poll, and for more WrestleMania 37 news, read up on the pretty penny Peacock paid for WWE rights here.

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