The Conners Crew Member Dies On Set After Medical Emergency

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Tragedy has struck the set of The Conners. A longtime crew member died on the set of the ABC TV show as it was finishing up production on the third season this week. He worked with the Roseanne and Conners production teams for more than two decades.

A crew member who worked lighting on The Conners reportedly suffered a medical emergency while on the catwalk, according to law enforcement via TMZ, and studio medics were unable to resuscitate him, resulting in being pronounced dead on the scene. He was in his 50s or 60s when he passed away, although his exact age has not been officially confirmed at the time of writing.

A representative for Werner Entertainment, which produces The Conners for ABC, confirmed news of the death in a statement and made a request on behalf of his loved ones, saying:

With heavy hearts we regret to confirm that a member of our technical crew suffered a fatal medical event today. He was a much loved member of The Conners and Roseanne families for over 25 years. As we remember our beloved colleague, we ask that you respect the privacy of his family and loved ones as they begin their grieving process.

The statement is full of love and respect for the crew member who died, packed full of emotion without dropping so many details that it would intrude on the privacy of the family, as requested by Werner Entertainment. There is no clarification on what exactly happened beyond "fatal medical event."

The man who died spent a quarter of a century working with the production teams that brought The Conners to ABC starting in 2018, and previously Roseanne, seemingly in its original run as well as the revival ahead of its cancellation. The third season of The Conners was reportedly on the last day of production when the crew member passed away.

Although his name has been withheld, it's clear that this member of the crew has been a "much loved" part of two iconic television shows. Roseanne was such a hit in its nine-season original run from 1988 to 1997 that the revival in 2018 was an immediate hit. With sky-high ratings, the Roseanne revival was renewed shortly after its premiere, although it was later cancelled after one season due to controversial comments by star Roseanne Barr despite her efforts to keep the show on the air. The Conners picked up where Roseanne left off and was a quick hit as well.

The third season of The Conners has been airing since fall 2020, and is expected to air its finale in May. Our thoughts are with the friends, family, and loved ones of the crew member who passed away in this difficult time and hope that the request for further privacy beyond the statement from Werner Entertainment allows them to grieve.

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