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Chicago Fire Actress Shares Touching Post After Leaving The Firehouse For The Last Time

Adriyan Rae overseeing things as Gianna Mackey in Chicago Fire

The latest episode of Chicago Fire ended with Firehouse 51’s newest paramedic surprisingly leaving, shocking not only the firehouse but fans watching the show. And after the episode aired, Adriyan Rae posted a touching tribute to her time on the NBC drama.

Adriyan Rae only joined Chicago Fire at the beginning of the current season to replace Annie Ilonzeh as Ambulance 61’s new paramedic, Gianna Mackey. Mackey transferred to a different firehouse after she was offered a position that would advance her career opportunities in the future but, in reality, Rae left for personal reasons. While her time with the firehouse was short-lived, Rae will always remember the friends and memories she made while on the series, as pointed out by a touching tribute on her Instagram:

Though it’s coming to an unexpected end, this journey has been nothing short of extraordinary. I have learned sooo many valuable lessons, gone through acting Olympics and come out stronger, and most importantly, met & made so many amazing friends. Thank you to every director, producer, crew member, cast member, transpo, catering, Dick Wolf, and the whole camp. EVERYONE INVOLVED IN ANY CAPACITY!

Even though Gianna Mackey has left the firehouse, there's still a possibility she could return. The Chicago Fire series creator was hopeful that she could make an appearance in the future and Adriyan Rae doesn’t seem opposed to it. In her post, the actress continued to praise her Fire family and the character she portrayed as well as the fans who loved Mackey as much as she did:

I am forever grateful for each and every one of you and you’re my Fire family for life. We did it! Together we created a beautiful character who is dynamic, and someone I’m very proud I got to portray. Until we all work again, I’m always sending you love and light. And to the fans, my God you’re so loved! Thank you for all your support and I am so humbled you all found something lovable and relatable in Gianna Mackey.

Adriyan Rae is just one of many cast members that have exited Chicago Fire over the show's nine seasons. The video that went along with Rae’s post is comprised of short clips and photos that Rae took while on set of the firefighter series, featuring her now-former castmates. Even though Rae wasn’t on Chicago Fire for very long, it seems the friendships she made will be everlasting. Check out her original post down below:

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The ninth season of Chicago Fire is only about halfway through its run, so how the series will deal with Adriyan Rae’s exit and how it will replace her should be handled in the next episode. There is still a question of who will be the next paramedic to join Ambulance 61 and how long they will last. But with Rae’s closeness with the cast in the short time she was on the series, this hopefully won’t be the last time fans see Gianna Mackey.

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