After Attracting Notice For Thirst Traps, Tyler Perry’s Making A Series About Male Strippers

Tyler Perry is single and he’s ready to mingle. Or at least he’s ready to make a series about male strippers, somewhat in the vein of Magic Mike, or at least in the vein of Magic Mike XXL when the gang goes to Georgia to prove they’ve still got game. While it’s not unusual to hear that Tyler Perry is making a brand new series, this time I suggest you go ahead and cue up “My Pony” by Ginuwine, because we’re about to talk thirst traps and spill all the deets.

Tyler Perry is a business mogul these days, but he still manages to keep up a prolific schedule that involves writing and occasionally appearing in some of his own content along with producing it at his own Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta, Georgia. Recently, news came down the pipeline that he’s signed with BET+ for a new series called All The Queens Men, a riff on the famous title of a Robert Penn Warren novel (which is itself a riff on a famous nursery rhyme).

The news about the male strip club series is interesting timing for Tyler Perry, however. I’d be remiss if I didn’t note that Perry had a big breakup just a few months ago. He subsequently went viral for posting a thirst trap following the split on the Internet, noting at the time getting fit is what his “midlife crisis” looks like.

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Given Tyler Perry has appeared in some of his own projects in the past -- including the fairly recent Netflix’s A Fall From Grace -- this has me wondering if we could see Tyler Perry go full thirst trap in All The Queen’s Men. It’s rare to see the actor and producer pop up in a TV project, as he tends to stick to movie ventures, but what is all that getting in shape worth if it is not unleashed upon the world in spectacular fashion?

Anyway, regardless of whether or not Tyler Perry will appear in All The Queen’s Men, which I’m going to still consider to be TBD until I am told otherwise, Deadline says the lead of the series will be a female head honcho who owns a strip club in Atlanta described as “upscale.” The series will be going to BET+ as Tyler Perry pushes further into the streaming space.

Meanwhile, turnaround on Tyler Perry projects is generally pretty fast and his stuff has tended to be pretty successful for the network, as other projects like The Oval have been earning rave reviews and high-volume audiences, particularly among Black viewers. Just think how it could do on streaming as more and more networks push into that space?

Speaking of thirst traps, as this series starts adding actors, I’m assuming more of those will be on the horizon. We’ll keep you updated on all things All The Queens Men.

Jessica Rawden
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