Tyler Perry Reveals How Many People Watched Netflix's A Fall From Grace In First Week

Crystal Fox and Phylicia Rashad in A Fall From Grace
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Movies typically have a lot riding on its first weekend in theaters. If one doesn’t perform to satisfaction right when it comes out, it’s often deemed a success or flop. But then there’s Netflix. The streaming platform rarely reveals the kind of viewership for its original movies and television shows – unless it’s a good number. Well, Tyler Perry’s first movie with Netflix has a good number. Check out the filmmaker reveal how many people tuned into his latest thriller, A Fall From Grace:

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As Tyler Perry happily reveals, A Fall From Grace was viewed by 26 million folks in its first seven days of release back in mid-January. The filmmaker took to Twitter to share how “blown away” he was by these numbers. He thanked his “army” that has continued to stand behind him and show support for his work, despite often feeling ignored by Hollywood.

If those numbers were translated to ticket sales, maybe A Fall From Grace could have raked in hundreds of millions of dollars. But then again, casually watching a movie on your television at home is sure to draw larger numbers than a paying audience leaving their home and buying a movie ticket. And according to a recent report, Netflix’s metric for recording their viewers includes if users turn on a program for just two minutes.

Either way, Tyler Perry can pat himself on the back for a successful first collaboration with Netflix. Comparatively, Martin Scorsese’s 10-time Oscar nominated film The Irishman was viewed by 13.2 million people in its first five days with a lot more buzz going for it. Netflix’s biggest hit of 2019 was Murder Mystery, and it was viewed by 31 million people in its first three days.

A Fall From Grace follows the middle-aged titular Grace (Crystal Fox), who is pleading guilty for the murder of her young husband (Supergirl’s Mehcad Brooks) until her unexperienced lawyer Jasmine (Bresha Webb) looks into the circumstances surrounding the crime. Jasmine confronts her about her findings and Grace tells her the jaw-dropping story from the beginning.

Following its release, audiences have been enjoying viewing the film to catch the errors present throughout the movie. A Fall From Grace was made in five days, after all. The movie includes a series of ridiculous wigs and a viral moment of an extra eating and drinking air in the background of one shot.

There also has been a continued discussion between fans regarding if Tyler Perry is exploiting women with abuse-related storylines in his movies. The filmmaker recently shot down these claims, stating he himself witnessed his mother get abused by his father.

Tyler Perry’s A Fall From Grace is streaming on Netflix now.

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