Candace Cameron Bure Talks Not Being Perfect And One Time She Was Mean To A Cakemaker

Candace Cameron Bure in most recent Aurora Teagarden reunion film

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Hallmark and Fuller House star Candace Cameron Bure has written the book on kindness. Like literally, she just wrote a book on kindness called Radical Kindness Devotional Guide. Yet, Bure has been known for being candid with her fans and followers too, and she revealed in a recent interview that even she is not always at her best, detailing a story in which she was once mean to a cakemaker as an example of how she’s not perfect.

Along with acting, Candace Cameron Bure is noted for being a strong proponent of family values and family time. She’s the type of mom who would definitely want to give her daughter Natasha a special birthday, but maybe wouldn’t bake the cake herself. In fact, however, just this occurrence led to her having a mini meltdown when she tried to nab a cake from a cakemaker at an establishment at the last minute.

I remember going to a store to buy a birthday cake for Natasha (his daughter). I didn't reserve the cake, I just walked into the store and said to the receptionist, 'I need a cake, now!' He replied: 'We don't have any, but we can do it for you tomorrow.' I got upset, I panicked, it was my mistake, and I started telling him that I couldn't believe I didn't have any cake, that I would never go back to that place, that it was a disaster, and I left. Afterwards, I felt so bad because it was not a kind reaction , I was unpleasant, I was frustrated and I realized that it was not the person's fault, but mine because I did not reserve the cake.

Speaking in a lengthy profile with Vogue Mexico, the actress admitted to being one of those celebrities, at least on this one occasion. She owned the mistake the next day, however, and went back to the same story where she tried to start over with the same person who had been working at the bakery the day before. She noted:

The next day, I drove to the store, and the same person who attended me was there, I said, 'Hi, I was here yesterday, and I want to offer an apology because I was not nice . I shouldn't have exploded with you. Please, I beg your pardon. ' His eyes widened, and he replied with an 'Ok ..', I think it was such an unexpected reaction. And yes, I make mistakes all the time, but when I do, I honestly try to go back and correct them when I can, because I always remember that that will be the last impression anyone will have of me. Whether I'm at work, ordering coffee, or at home, the last thing I say or do is what people will take from me. Therefore, it is a constant reminder to be as kind as possible.Despite not having a good day, it's something I work on all the time.

You don’t always get a chance for a redo in life, and Candace Cameron Bure says she tries to remember this moment in order to maintain a mindset and be “as kind as possible.” I'd assume this is particularly important for thoughtful celebrities, as people tend to remember the encounters they have with famous people and how they were treated. But again, even the Aurora Teagarden actress isn’t perfect. (In fact, she’s noted for playing a Hallmark character who is often impetuous.)

Over the past year in particular, Candace Cameron Bure has made a name for herself as someone who is open and honest. She was candid when Hallmark movies got back to work early in the pandemic about what they were doing to try and stay safe. She also addressed a couple of controversies head on after her brother Kirk Cameron held a few maskless protests (she did not attend) and also after some haters got mad at her for sharing a post where her husband touched her boob. Sometimes she's refreshing too, such as when she called out Hallmark fans for thinking acting on TV was easy.

She's not perfect, but she's perfectly fun to hear from. We'll keep you posted as Candace Cameron Bure continues taking roles and chiming in on the Internet. For now, though, her new devotional book will be out on April 6th. Pre-order it here.

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