What Fuller House Star Candace Cameron Bure's Kids Think About Her Talking Openly About Sex Life

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Candace Cameron Bure still has many fans who grew up watching her on Full House, but she's also now developed a whole new fanbase because of the Netflix revival, Fuller House, and her work in several of Hallmark's most enjoyable Christmas movies. While she's known for being a champion of traditional Christian values, Cameron Bure has not been afraid to talk about things that many in that camp would prefer she not discuss, including sex with her husband of 24 years, Val Bure. Now, she's talking about her kids' feelings when she opens up about her sex life.

I think we can all agree that it would, at the very least, be a bit odd for most of us if we regularly heard anything at all about our parents and their sex lives. When you add the fact that Candace Cameron Bure is famous, and has several million followers on Instagram, it's easy to imagine that that can be a lot to handle for her three children (daughter Natasha, 22, and sons Lev, 20, and Maksim, 18), but she insists that they actually don't mind that much. When speaking with Entertainment Tonight about it, Cameron Bure said:

I think they're pretty fine with it until I say something that embarrasses them. Which is always going to happen. My kids are like, 'Mom, why did you pop up on Daily Mail? Why did you pop up on this?' And I'm like, 'I'm so sorry honey!' Sometimes I just say things and I don't mean for it to become a headline.’

She might not mean for these things to become headlines, but, let's be honest, anytime any celebrity says nearly anything candid about sex, it's going to become a headline. And, when you're known for family-friendly entertainment, like Candace Cameron Bure is, that's even more true. In fact, she made headlines for it as recently as this September, when she posted a photo on Instagram of her and her husband (fully clothed, mind you) posing in what looked like a park with his hand firmly holding on to one of her boobs.

The couple was smiling and clearly having a bit of a laugh at it, but many of Cameron Bure's conservative followers were 1000% displeased with the public showing. How did she respond? By letting everyone know the angry comments made her laugh, and noting that "this is what a healthy, good marriage and relationship is all about." Cameron Bure also recently admitted that the way a lot of Christians seem to view sex (‘No, you have to pretend like you’ve never had sex. We only know you’ve had sex 3 times because you have 3 children.’), makes her "sad," because she feels like it shouldn't be "shameful."

And, it's because of that basic belief that Candace Cameron Bure feels that her kids are (mostly) fine with her openness surrounding sex, because they grew up knowing this about her, and are already pretty used to their mom not being afraid to talk about S.E.X.:

As a mom, I have already tried to have my influence with my kids to be like, 'Dude, once you're married, have fun! This is the blessing of it and it's great. [I’m working hard to] just be more open to talking about it and all about our bodies and everything. I think that we could probably educate kids or young people a little bit better in that way.

True that! Candace Cameron Bure can next be seen in Hallmark's If I Only Had Christmas (where she will certainly not be talking about sex in any way), which airs this Sunday, November 29 at 8 p.m. EST, but you can also watch all of Fuller House right now on Netflix. For more on what's coming to the small screen, check out our guide to fall TV, and see what's on tap for 2021!

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