Jimmy Fallon And Jimmy Kimmel Are In A Pizza Feud And I Can't Get Enough

Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel have been competing on late-night television for years. While the two have remained friendly, the competition has spilled over into an unexpected area – pizza making. Pizza-making is supposed to be a fun time for all, but not when it comes to the two Jimmys. A pizza feud has emerged between the two late-night hosts after Fallon made a social media post.

Baking and other culinary practices have been a huge trend during the COVID-19 pandemic. Jimmy Kimmel has been on this train for months as he kept posting on Instagram of this pizza-making venture. Recently, the other Jimmy – Fallon – jumped on the pizza-making trend. Fallon posted on his Instagram about being inspired by actor Stanley Tucci’s series Searching for Italy to make pizza. Check out The Tonight Show host’s delicious video below:

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After Jimmy Fallon shared his excitement over making a pizza, Jimmy Kimmel took notice of Fallon’s post. Kimmel decided to one-up Fallon by posting a video of him making a pizza from scratch. It wasn’t all bad as the Jimmy Kimmel Live! host turned the competitive moment into a charitable one by asking fans to donate the food charity No Kid Hungry. Check out Kimmel’s Instagram post with a nod to Fallon below:

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Looking at both videos, Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon have a love for pizza. Both late-night hosts have turned that love into a newfound fondness for creating a favorite food. But Fallon’s foray into pizza making seemed to have irked Kimmel. There’s plenty of room for any and everyone to make pizza, especially during the pandemic’s downtimes. At least, some hilarity came out of this pizza rivalry between two of late night’s top hosts.

As previously mentioned, Jimmy Kimmel isn’t a newbie when it comes to pizza making. The late-night host has been on the pizza-making trend for some time now. He has posted multiple times the results of his pizza expeditions. Kimmel even made some posts related to preparing for the act. As evident by Kimmel’s video, he takes pizza making seriously with the pizza oven located in his backyard. It was nice to see the host turn a love for pizza into a passion for making it. Plus, it’s nice making something for yourself instead of ordering out.

With that said, Jimmy Fallon has every right to hop on social media and share his love for pizza. Fallon’s excitement over making pizza translated through his video after a year of negative press. It was nice to hear and see the host go through the entire pizza-making process.

At the end of the day, Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon’s pizza feud was a good and delicious time for all involved. Maybe the two hosts could come together and make it a friendly online competition.

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