The Walking Dead’s Jeffrey Dean Morgan Learned The Hard Way Not To Get Hot Sauce On His Genitals

Jeffrey Dean Morgan The Walking Dead
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The Hot Ones YouTube series is probably one of, if the not the most, hilarious talk shows on the Internet. It brought chef Gordon Ramsay to tears and even turned Idris Elba into the perfect meme. In the latest episode with The Walking Dead’s Jeffrey Dean Morgan, viewers learned some cool tidbits about the veteran actor and Morgan, in turn, learned the hard way about not getting hot sauce on his genitals, apparently.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan made the hilarious Hot Ones revelation on his Twitter account that the experience was more painful than for most…down there. I guess licking and wiping hot sauce off one’s hands doesn’t always quite clean up the job. Check out Morgan’s tweet below:

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Yikes. Flaming hot genitals? It sounds like a horrendous Cheetos spoof that I can now never erase from my mind. Ironically, Jeffrey Dean Morgan said early on that for this kind of endeavor, there is a “sense of honor.” I think honor is now fully out the window.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s revelation about his private parts is kind of comical (well, a lot). But even more so were the interesting tidbits gleaned about him while he simultaneously tried to accomplish the infamous test of the senses on Hot Ones. His face went numb, he made it to the final dab, and we learned about his upstate New York farm, The Walking Dead, more about the role that almost made him quit acting, and overall villainy.

When asked about trade secrets concerning the production of zombie fights on The Walking Dead, Jeffrey Dean Morgan credited special make up effects supervisor and director Greg Nicotero for his amazing ability to create new-looking zombies each season and make him look great fake-killing them.

Sean Evans made sure to also ask Jeffrey Dean Morgan, sometime before the Hellfire Devil’s blend, about his long career in the arena of comics and villainy. The actor is known first and foremost as the heinous character Negan on The Walking Dead who killed the beloved Glenn (portrayed by now-Oscar nominee Steven Yeun) and many others, but he has played many morally compromised characters over the years. Who can forget The Comedian from Watchmen? According to him, that kind of character doesn’t see himself as a villain, although hot sauce on the genitals seems like a solid supervillain origin story. Morgan said:

Even though there are some very nihilistic qualities to someone like The Comedian and Negan as well, what would happen to a normal man who was thrown into an extraordinary circumstance? They are the heroes of their story. I think that a good villain has no idea that he’s a villain. Although the only hiccup in that is they may enjoy doing the bad stuff a little more they ought to.

The idea that Negan or a character like The Joker doesn’t view themself as a villain in that story world seems a little far-fetched, in my mind. But then again, so does the idea of touching any part of your body directly following a stint on Hot Ones. Stay tuned for more revelations and updates about the future of The Walking Dead and its offshoots.

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