Tom Hiddleston's Loki Sets Up Owen Wilson's Mobius And Blasts Through Time In New Disney+ Trailer

tom hiddleston's loki and owen wilson's mobius in loki trailer

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Now that Disney+ is fully in the middle of delivering explosive action with a new Captain America in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, it feels like the MCU has spread its tech-savvy wings and truly cemented itself as a small screen force to be reckoned with. But we all know that there's a certain Tom Hiddleston character just waiting in the shadows to come out and throw things into disarray, down to its very title fonts. That's right, I'm talking about the upcoming Loki standalone series, which dropped a new trailer on fans that is packed with awesome new footage. Check it out above!

Similar to both WandaVision and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Loki looks like it'll be another standout Marvel TV series with a big ol' budget and a stellar cast of actors. In Loki's case, there admittedly isn't that much of an ensemble to pay attention to beyond Tom Hiddleston's central god of mischief, at least that we know about, but this trailer does give us our best look yet at Owen Wilson's new MCU character, the Time Variance Authority member Mobius M. Mobius. And yes, he's got all kinds of Owen Wilson vibes about him, but in the best way, it seems.

I could watch Tom Hiddleston and Owen Wilson bounce off of each other all day, all night. Granted, we don't get to see that much of their chemistry together, but I'm picking up on some fun and electric energy happening between the two actors. Especially when you throw in all kinds of timeline-shifting shenanigans where Loki is aware of the power behind his actions. Mischief never had a more convincing face than Hiddleston's, I swear.

But it's perhaps most interesting in the trailer when Loki's face is looking more worried than mischievous, considering how much bravado he's oozing elsewhere over his "unique Loki perspective," as it were. The fan-favorite MCU villain claims to be ten steps ahead of Owen Wilson's Mobius and his Time Variance Authority ilk, but I think we can agree that probably just means he's woefully uninformed about how powerful the TVA is. But that confidence might not be a bad thing for all involved, since Loki believing in himself (and the Loki variant) is quite the one-of-a-kind advantage for the...good guys? (It's hard to tell who the protagonists really are in this thing.)

So, going by that logic, does it mean viewers should be worried about seeing Loki's ego get shaken in the trailer? Probably not, but it's still never a good thing to see someone this powerful in the heat of confusion while that many weapons are pointing in his direction.

tom hiddleston's loki and owen wilson's mobius

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While it's been made pretty clear that Scarlet Witch's future in the MCU was set up by WandaVision, while Falcon and Winter Soldier is doing its own foundational work with the Captain America and U.S. Agent mantles, it's not altogether clear how and where (and when) Loki fits into the Phase 4 expansion, nor how it will affect the future of Marvel's theatrical fare. I'm really, really, really hoping this won't be Tom Hiddleston's swan song as the charismatic villain, regardless of whether we get a second season or not. But if it is, I'm also really, really, really hoping that Loki is worth the time (variance) it took to get here.

Loki is set to hit Disney+ on Friday, June 11, so use this link to sign up if you don't yet have a subscription. Let's hope nothing drastic happens to our own timelines in the meantime that does anything to mess that big premiere date up.

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