Months After Fans Brought Pete Davidson (And His Mom) Drugs, The SNL Star Finally Moved Out

Pete Davidson on Saturday Night Live's Weekend Update

Over the years, Pete Davidson has become one of Saturday Night Live’s most reliable players and to be expected, his living situation with his mom was major fodder at times. His initial admission about his mom-as-landlord led to some friendly teasing from fellow SNL cast mates over time, along with some trolling on social media. The situation turned from fun to scary, however, after some fans physically brought drugs to Davidson and his mother in 2020. But that situation likely won’t happen again, as the SNL star has finally moved out of his mom’s basement.

According to The New York Post, Pete Davidson moved out of his mom’s basement before the end of 2020, with the sometimes musical SNL star purchasing a luxury condo for $1.2 million in December. Rather than blazing it up in his mom's crib, David reportedly lives in a corner unit located in New York’s posh Manhattan area, with two bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms to keep him busy. Davidson's residential acquirement isn't entirely new news to his fanbase, as he mentioned the move on SNL's Valentine's Day episode and confirmed it again on TikTok recently, but the details behind his new abode are only now spreading around.

Keeping in step with this loving mother-son relationship, Pete Davidson didn’t move too far from his mother’s Staten Island home. His new condo is still located on North Shore in the same area as the multimillion-dollar home the comedian purchased for his mom in 2016, where he was living in the basement for a large chunk of his Saturday Night Live career so far.

Pete Davidson, who has reportedly been dating Bridgerton's Phoebe Dynevor, boasts some gorgeous panoramic views looking out over Manhattan. The realtor's listing for the open-layout condo calls it a "pinnacle of luxury lifestyle living," with high ceilings, tall windows, and a waterfall installation. The pictures also showcase a pair of bunkbeds in one of the bedrooms, though it's not clear if Davidson kept those around or not.

As awesome as his new pad is, this development may hurt Pete Davidson’s reputation as SNL’s resident “mom’s boy,” and he obviously won't be able to make jokes anymore about living in his mom’s basement. With that said, still living close to his mom could lead to new jokes about living alone and awkward moments regarding his mom being in his new place. I can’t wait for the new material, regardless.

As alluded to before, Pete Davidson and his mom experienced some awkward fan moments last year. The whole ordeal began after a random fan of the SNL star saw the trailer for Davidson’s film King of Staten Island, and then showed up at his mom's house and handed her a baggie of drugs to pass along to her son. To make things worse, the actor-comedian was trying to kick his drug habit at the time.

Talk about being bold and unaware at the same time. The encounter between the fan and his mom proved how the blurring between fiction and reality can lead to some awkward (if not, scary) moments in the real world. While the fan might’ve had good intentions, they did overstep their bounds by crossing personal borders and attempting to give the actor drugs at a time where he was trying to get sober.

An incident like that would push anyone at Pete Davidson’s level of fame to find a new residence despite some recent developments. I’m sure he was thinking about his mother’s safety as she isn’t a public figure. So, buying a luxury condo for himself was probably the best solution for everyone involved, except for maybe SNL fans and co-stars who will miss ribbing him for basement living.

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