How John Stamos Would Feel About ER Getting A TV Revival

john stamos' dr. tony gates in the emergency room on ER

I think most people would agree that television is always better when John Stamos has a show on the air, even if there's no outwardly provable connection between the concepts. From bringing the cool vibes as Full / Fuller House's Uncle Jesse to bringing musical talent to projects such as The Little Mermaid Live! and Galavant, Stamos is always a treat. And as awesome as it is that he'll soon be heading up the family-friendly dramedy Big Shot on Disney+, many fans would love to see him grab his stethoscope to make a return to the ER universe for a TV revival.

Of course, the first step in that process would necessarily have to be an NBCUniversal higher-up actually developing an ER revival to even have a place for returning cast members to go. Then, that's when the conversation could turn to which former stars would be up for returning. But nobody need wonder too hard about John Stamos' feelings regarding an ER revival, because he sounds 100% into that plan. Here's how he put it to TVLine:

Oh yes, I’d love to… Leave Full House alone, people! Go check out ER!

With John Stamos and the rest of his former Full House family having closed the front doors on Netflix's Fuller House in 2020 after five successful seasons, the actor doesn't sound as if he's extremely ready to dive back into the world of the Tanners, Giblers, and Katsopolises. (And that one Gladstone guy.) Stamos not only appeared in the show to reprise the role of Uncle Jesse, but he was also an executive producer on the streaming spinoff, so he's clearly lived in that world for a large chunk of his career.

In comparison, John Stamos was involved with ER for only 3+ seasons. And what's more, those were the network drama's final seasons, so Stamos technically didn't even get to live out the role of Dr. Tony Gates to his logical conclusion. It's no wonder he'd be interested in returning to the role. It's also telling that he considers his ER gig a career pinnacle, topping even the happiness that has come with starring in Big Shot. In his words:

ER was a perfect show, and up until now, it was my favorite job. I really like this job, but that was, boy, that was a special show.

It probably helped that ER boasted one of the most insanely talented ensemble casts on television. Even though Stamos came into the show quite late in the game, he still shared the screen with big names such as Goran Visnjic, Linda Cardellini, Angela Bassett, Parminder Nagra, Mekhi Phifer, and Maura Tierney, to name a few. Who wouldn't want to return to that? And if we could get George Clooney and John Stamos together, that would presumably make lots of people melt.

In Big Shot, which was created by TV drama master David E. Kelley, John Stamos plays a basketball coach named Marvyn Korn whose NCAA career is derailed by his anger issues. While trying to save face and his name, Marvyn takes a job coaching at an all-girls school whose basketball team is in decline after years of dominating other teams. Will Marvyn be able to bring the former glory back to the institution? I'm guessing so, otherwise this might not be the most inspirational TV show.

For now, ER fans just have to hope that someone somewhere in Hollywood has the perfect idea to bring the show back, and that the perfect network execs are willing to bring that idea to life. Until then, get ready to watch John Stamos in action when Big Shot hits Disney+ on Friday, April 16.

Nick Venable
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