Fuller House Stars Compare Netflix Show's Goodbye To Full House's Ending

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Fuller House is coming back for its final batch of episodes when Season 5 returns for the back half on June 2. The series gave new life to classic Full House characters, by picking up with the Tanner family and their friends after almost 30 years off screen. Now that Fuller House is also coming to a close, though, stars Andrea Barber and Candace Cameron Bure, who reprised their roles as Kimmy Gibbler and D.J. Tanner for the Netflix revival, are sharing their thoughts on what it was like to wrap filming on both shows.

Full House ended its eight season run in 1995, when Candace Cameron Bure and Andrea Barber were both just 18 years old. The family sitcom had obviously been a huge part of their lives up to that point, and led to some friendships that would end up lasting through the intervening decades until both would connect with the rest of their former cast members for Fuller House. When asked by TV Insider what the feeling on set was like this time, as compared to back in '95, Cameron Bure said:

It’s totally a different experience. Being 18 on the original, I had a lot of life in front of me and was really excited for the next part of my journey. It was sad and emotional, but at 18 you’re entering adulthood. This time around it was much more emotional because I love these people so much. Working on the show with my best friends again and the crew we had was such a gift. It’s a huge part of my life that I’m so grateful for. I had such an appreciation and was very blessed by it.

Man, with the way Candace Cameron Bure describes ending Full House all those years ago, I can totally see how much of a different experience it would have been. Though the show was a huge part of Cameron Bure's life until that point, she was aware, even at the time, that she had much more life ahead of her. Plus, she'd be able to experience that time as an adult, and kids are almost always excited at that prospect beyond measure.

So, while she was sad for her time on Full House to end, she was way much more excited to get going on the rest of her life. This time around, though, Cameron Bure knew how special it was to be able to work so closely with this group of people again. And, she's not being thrust into a non-Fuller House world at a time in her life that's as major as when she was first entering adulthood, meaning that the experience is very different.

Andrea Barber echoed her co-star's sentiments when talking about her feelings of leaving each show behind, and admitted that it was a bit more difficult when they finished filming in November:

It was emotional both times, but harder the second time. Just because I’m older and have the perspective of someone who appreciates this and knows how rare and wonderful it is to find family in a show like this. Also, with the original, I was 18. I was just starting college and was at a good point where I was ready to say goodbye to the show and start my adult life. It wasn’t too sad. This time there is definitely a bigger hole in my heart.

Awww! The good thing is that it's very clear that Candace Cameron Bure, Andrea Barber and the rest of the Fuller House cast love working with each other, as well as hanging out, so they will likely continue their friendships for many more decades to come. You can see how the comedy handles a triple wedding when Fuller House hits Netflix for its final episodes on June 2. For more to watch in the coming weeks, check out our guide to summer TV!

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