How JLo’s Ex-Husband Marc Anthony Is Reportedly Responding To Her Breakup With A-Rod

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The past few weeks have been a kind of trial by fire for Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez’s relationship. Faced with mounting rumors that A-Rod cheated with a Bravo reality star and speculation that they have been distant of late, the longtime couple eventually announced in a joint statement that they were officially splitting up for good. Despite the drama, JLo still seems to have ex-husband Marc Anthony in her corner.

The “I’m Real” singer and Marc Anthony have a famously tight knit relationship for a divorced couple. Even as recently as last month, Anthony praised Jennifer Lopez’s creative spirit and relentless work ethic. Their rock-solid foundation apparently holds true amidst JLo and A-Rod’s breakup. Speaking to ET Online, one source said:

Jennifer makes it a point to have cordial relationships, especially with Marc since he is the father of her children… Jennifer and Marc have a friendship and are supportive of each other whether it comes to parenting, personal matters or their careers. They have each other's backs.

Marc Anthony’s divorce from Jennifer Lopez was finalized in 2014, almost a decade after they married, but JLo found Alex Rodriguez a few years later. Lopez and Anthony’s teenage twins are even reportedly close with Rodriguez’s kids. But after JLo and A-Rod’s breakup, it might prove difficult to sustain such an awkward situation. In their statement on that front, JLo and A-Rod only wrote, “We wish the best for each other and one another’s children.”

Still, the official breakup may be difficult for JLo and Marc Anthony’s kids to handle. Even though their nuptials were postponed because of the pandemic, the twins were very publicly excited for what was supposed to be JLo and A-Rod’s wedding, with plans to even sing for them on the important day. News about JLo and A-Rod’s supposed first breakup a few weeks ago had the singer showing her daughter sobbing on her father’s shoulder on her Instagram Stories. The hoopla appeared to bring the two back together for a time, with A-Rod telling paparazzi that he was not single and made a trip down to JLo’s film set in the Dominican Republic.

It wasn’t to be, however. Allegedly the fear that A-Rod might cheat or had a “wandering eye” was too much for JLo, who reportedly initiated the final split. The third party supposedly involved, Madison LeCroy of Southern Charm fame, only said that she “wishes them the best.”

No matter what, though, Jennifer Lopez is a consummate performer and knows how to put on a brave face for the public. She has done as much with her smiling Instagram posts with the cast and crew of her latest movie, Shotgun Wedding, which has also seen a bit of drama from the Armie Hammer allegations and fallout. At the very least, JLo can still count on Marc Anthony for support.

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