Of Course, Madison LeCroy And Southern Charm Co-Star Comment Amid A-Rod And JLo’s Breakup

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Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez’s breakup is a heavy saga filled with a lot of twists and turns. After years of being engaged, the couple’s foundations were seemingly shaken up by the rampant speculations that A-Rod cheated on JLo with Southern Charm starlet Madison LeCroy. Everyone denied the allegations but, amid the split between what the Internet affectionately calls “Mom” and “Dad,” LeCroy and another former co-star have chosen to comment on the situation.

The highly dramatic reunion special for Southern Charm this year is where all the controversy began, when Craig Conover accused Madison LeCroy of bragging about sleeping with an “ex-MLB player.” When it finally came out that the MLB player in question was allegedly A-Rod, LeCroy denied any cheating and that A-Rod was an “acquaintance” who she only spoke with on the phone. She has since been relatively quiet about the dissolution of A-Rod and JLo’s relationship but, following the break-up announcement, LeCroy simply said to Page Six:

I wish them the best.

Madison LeCroy’s statement, though short and unemotional, might come across a bit as sprinkling a little salt in the wound. She wishes them the best, but her alleged contact with Alex Rodriguez is what ignited the speculation. Even so, in Rodriguez and Jennifer’s Lopez’s statement, they make no mention of LeCroy at all and merely allude that they are “better as friends” and will continue to “support each other.” For the most part, they all seem to want to keep it courteous.

At the same time though, the Southern Charm star and single mom is getting a lot more flack across the board for what allegedly took place with Alex Rodriguez. LeCroy was reportedly single and unattached during these occurrences, while A-Rod was obligated and very much engaged to JLo.

Ahead of A-Rod and JLo’s announcement of their split, however, another Southern Charm star threw her hat in the arena. Cameran Eubanks was a major staple on all seasons of the Bravo show, even being figuratively referred to as the mom of a bunch of Peter Pans, before her sudden exit last year. She told US Weekly:

It’s pretty crazy. I feel bad for Austen. I feel bad for J. Lo, but crazy!

Cameran Eubank’s comments allude to the exes involved: Jennifer Lopez and Southern Charm bro Austen Kroll. Southern Charm captured the pretty tumultuous relationship between Kroll and Madison LeCroy over the last few seasons. But again, LeCroy seems to be getting the majority of criticisms when Kroll actually di cheat on her (proven via video footage). Allegedly talking to an engaged man, even when you’re single, is bad form – but not a crime.

But I, much like Cameran Eubanks, feel bad mostly for JLo. She is a triple threat, practically a cultural institution, and we can only wish her the best moving forward.

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