More Evidence JLo And A-Rod Are Working On Their Relationship While She's Filming New Movie

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Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez have been all over the news over the past several weeks after reports broke indicating the two were heading toward splitsville. That initial report was not as true as it at first seemed. In fact, over the last week plus they’ve been spotted on what seems to be a relationship comeback tour, as A-Rod traveled from Miami to be with JLo to the set of her new movie in the Dominican Republic. The news came as reports broke saying the two were spending time together in order to work on their alleged issues.

Jennifer Lopez, of course, is currently in the Dominican Republic in order to film her upcoming movie Shotgun Wedding -- aka that infamous movie she was supposed to film with Armie Hammer before he abruptly left the project following cannibal text allegations. The two were seen together more than a week ago working on their relationship in the Dominican Republic and their adventure in the exotic locale continued into this weekend, Alex Rodriguez.

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JLo may be working, but Alex Rodriguez is taking that r&r very seriously. Over the weekend, he posted a gorgeous look at a private pool overlooking the beach. Jennifer Lopez wasn’t featured in the post, but again, she’s in the Dominican Republic for work while A-Rod’s just hanging out. I feel like one of them definitely got the better end of this deal.

A-Rod’s definitely still in the Dominican Republic where JLo is filming, because he helpfully even included the Dominican Republic flag in his post heading into the weekend. The two haven't really been sharing vacation photos together on this trip, but they did share a sponsored post together that seems to be from their trip, given Jennifer Lopez also had a separate “weekend” post she shared while wearing the same shirt.

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While the two may not be posting a lot together during on this work/relationship trip, they have been spotted out and about by papparazzi over the last week, so they do seem to be reconnecting while Lopez is in the D.R. for her job. Meanwhile, when it comes to Shotgun Wedding itself, there's been plenty of tangential drama as well. Jennifer Lopez’s Lionsgate movie was expected to film way back in 2019 and Ryan Reynolds was initially attached to star. Next, the film was delayed and Armie Hammer came on board, then following the aforementioned series of events, eventually Josh Duhamel was cast in the lead role. Part of the film is being shot in the Dominican Republic and part is reportedly being shot in Boston, per production notes.

Prior to all of these break-up rumors, Jennifer Lopez and A-Rod were engaged and had postponed their wedding. Now, as they work on their relationship, let’s hope they keep in mind that love don’t cost a thing. Except maybe for the studio that’s likely putting JLo up in the Dominican Republic for Shotgun Wedding.

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