American Idol Is Bringing Disney Fanatic John Stamos In For A Special Role

john stamos smirking in disney+'s big shot

For much of his career, John Stamos has been tethered in some way to the wide world of Disney. His first acting job was on the Walt Disney Television-produced soap General Hospital, he's currently starring in the Disney+ sports dramedy Big Shot, and there have been quite a few personal and professional opportunities in between that also tied into the House of Mouse. Now, Stamos is being roped into stopping by American Idol Season 19 for the competition series' annual Disney Night, but he won't just be around to lend an ear.

While American Idol took a week off due to the Oscars and ABC's Sesame Street documentary, the performance-filled series will be returning to the network on May 2 for the always special "Disney Night." And John Stamos will be there to have mercy on fans who had to go two full weeks without a new episode. Beyond rocking his signature good looks, Stamos will serve as a guest mentor aiming to make the Top 9 contestants' acts as impressive and jaw-dropping as they can be. Making things all the more enjoyable, of course, is the fact that American Idol will indeed be filming the episode within Walt Disney World. So it's not only a chance to work with some talented musicians, but also a free trip for the family to Disney World at a time when theme park visits are still hard to come by.

Speaking with Entertainment Tonight, John Stamos shared the easy-peasy process to get him involved, and why he isn't optimistic that everyone will live and die by his advice. In his words:

They said, you know, 'Could you come down and be a mentor?' I'm like, 'Mentor?!' These kids are so great I'm gonna tell them one thing, and they're gonna go, 'Stamos, we've heard you sing. Stop.'

Though John Stamos' roles on more recent shows like Big Shot, Scream Queens, Grandfathered and others didn't necessarily require him to dig into his musical talents, the actor will always be remembered for his Elvis-obsessed time on TGIF's Full House (and later Netflix's Fuller House) as the rocking and rolling Jesse Katsopolis. Particularly on Full House, which memorably filmed its two-part Season 6 finale at Walt Disney World, Stamos frequently put his skills on display as part of the band Jesse and the Rippers.

If anyone behind the scenes on American Idol wants to win my immediate approval and adoration, they will either bring some of the Beach Boys into the "Disney Night" episode, or they'll find a way to specifically reference John Stamos' cover of the Beach Boys' "Forever" from Full House Season 5.

Surely that song isn't bad enough to thwart American Idol hopefuls from taking his advice during "Disney Night," right? Well, I guess it depends on who we're talking about, and what the advice is. The episode will also feature the return of the still-secretive Comeback performer, so maybe Stamos will have some advice about stepping back into the role of Uncle Jesse for Fuller House after two decades.

Beyond the aforementioned connections to Disney, it's worth noting that John Stamos proposed to current wife Caitlin McHugh inside Disneyland back in 2017. As well, he memorably got tuneful in portraying Chef Louis for ABC's The Little Mermaid Live in 2019. While waiting to see his American Idol debut for "Disney Night" on Sunday, May 3, before to watch him begrudgingly coaching a female basketball team on Big Shot, which airs new episodes on Disney+ every Friday.

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