Sean 'P. Diddy' Combs Has Changed His Name Again And This Time It's Official

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Most people spend their lives with the name they were given at birth, whether they particularly enjoy the name or not. At best, if some of us don't like our given name, we could elect to tell others to call us by a nickname, but we generally don't actually change what we're called on any kind of regular basis. This, of course, has not been the case with producer, rapper, and all around business mogul Sean Combs. The man formerly known by the stage name P. Diddy (among many others) has now changed his name again, but this time he's made sure that it's totally official!

Look, we all love a good nickname, that's a fact. And when I say "good," I mean a name which has (at least) been bestowed upon you by someone who cares for you and uses said nickname in a loving manner, as opposed to labeling you in an effort to embarrass. Well, considering how take charge Sean Combs has been in other areas of his life, it shouldn't be a surprise that he's taken control of what others call him for many years, but now he's decided on yet another name for himself, and this time he's made it legal. Take a look at what he posted on Instagram, and we'll discuss more after!

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Alrighty, then! Welcome to the world, Sean Love Combs! As you can see, instead of coming up with yet another variety on his well-known stage name, Mr. Combs has really taken the name game seriously this time, and legally changed his middle name from John to Love. According to the date on the form, Combs started this process in January of last year, before things even got really real for a lot of us and led to a lot of self-reflection, so it would seem that this particular name change has been on his mind for a while.

Even so, Sean Combs knows who he is, and realizes that fans might not be so quick to take this change as something real he's doing. This is, almost certainly, why he elected to show us the paperwork, and why he begged in his caption (with praying hands), noting "Imma need y’all to take me seriously on this one," and backed it with three exclamation points, a heart, a couple of different star patterns and a lightning bolt. OK, sir. We will take Sean Love Combs seriously!

As I'm sure you'll recall, Sean Combs has been through a lot of stage names by this point in his career. Because he first came to prominence as a record executive and producer, he was known by his given name until releasing his debut as a rapper in 1997, the hit single "Can't Nobody Hold Me Down," when he started going by Puff Daddy. In 2001, the hits kept coming, and Combs decided that P. Diddy was the better stage name, as he began to expand his career to acting roles. Then, just four years later, he revealed that he was changing again, this time to Diddy, while admitting that fans didn't quite know what to call him.

Now, it would seem that Sean Love Combs has finally found his true moniker, and it's hard not to be glad for him. Combs even showed off his new Florida driver's license on Instagram, featuring his new full name, so he's clearly happy about the change, and that's got to be worth a lot for his personal life.

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