Forget The MCU, Anthony Mackie Explains Why HGTV Is The Real Dream

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Anthony Mackie has been flying high as The Falcon in the MCU for several years now, and is currently holding it down as a (still) newly un-blipped Sam Wilson on The Falcon and The Winter Soldier. While the actor has become known for his superhero portrayal, and several other actions roles in films and on television, it turns out that Mackie does have some real goals for future TV appearances which don't have anything to do with the MCU. Anthony Mackie would really like to be on HGTV, and now he's explained why that's the real dream for him.

Sure, we all know that Anthony Mackie can kick a wide variety of ass on screen because of his MCU role as The Falcon, and from some of his other work like Outside the Wire and Altered Carbon, but it sounds like another of his real loves might be in the home renovation space. Mackie appeared on Hot Ones recently, and when asked if it was still a dream of his to do a home improvement show, he said:

It is. I used to watch HGTV all the time. And, I've always wanted to do like a cooking show and a home improvement show and a wellness show, and put them all together. Just HGTV, ESPN, and Food Network. That's all I watch. Yeah, but I would love to do one. That would be fun as hell.

OK. We see you, Anthony Mackie, and we respect and understand your dreams! Apparently, in addition to being a talented actor and bona fide action star, Mackie is also a skilled carpenter with a love for all things building, designing, and renovating. And, he's not alone in that at all. There are millions of people just like him, myself included, who enjoy spending their days and nights binging HGTV shows like Love it or List it, Home Town, and Property Brothers.

Many of us use these home renovation and real estate shows as a form of escapism from daily life, or to simply get some inspiration for when the time comes to spiff up our own abodes, but it sounds like Anthony Mackie has some real skills which would make him an ideal host with the most for his mega HGTV mashup series. Wouldn't you watch him build stuff in a workshop, cook good food, and do wellness stuff like, I don't know, meditate or something? See. I knew you would!

Throughout his interview, it's clear that Anthony Mackie has a real love for home improvement, food, and not dying from eating wings which may be way too spicy for you, which I'd say counts as wellness. He also revealed that, even though he probably had training to do during quarantine to pick back up with his work on The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, he carved out time for a special project which sounds like it might get even bigger before long:

I've been working in my backyard. Got some two-by-four metal studs, cut them out...and tile, and built a outdoor kitchen...I want to figure out how to do epoxy countertops, you can put lights under them. It'll be some real pimp shit.

Alright, Anthony Mackie! I have no doubt that Mackie will be able to figure out his fancy outdoor kitchen before long. Now all us fans have to do is wait for his new HGTV series to start up, which will hopefully go better than that time he tried to get into Prince's house party. Who knows what the ratio on that series will be of home renovation, cooking, and wellness, but I do know that it better be called Anthony Mackie: Real Pimp Shit or I'll be very disappointed.

Until his HGTV dominance begins, you can watch Anthony Mackie on The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, which debuts new episodes on Disney+ every Friday.

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