Danny Masterson Is In Court Facing Rape Charges This Week As Woman Testifies

Rooster (Danny Masterson) looks on in The Ranch

Danny Masterson, the actor known for his roles on TV shows like That ‘70s Show and The Ranch, has found himself at the center of headlines over the past few years now. This began back in 2017 when police began investigating the actor after three women alleged that he sexually assaulted them during the early 2000s. This ultimately led to Danny Masterson’s dismissal from The Ranch, with his character being written out in a brutal way. Last summer, Masterson was formally charged with raping multiple women. Masterson pleaded not guilty back in January and, this week, a preliminary hearing has begun, during which one of the women has testified.

During the preliminary hearing this past Tuesday, one of Danny Masterson’s accusers took to the stand to detail her alleged experiences with the actor. The woman, identified as Jen B., described herself as a second-generation Scientologist, per Page Six. Masterson is also a member of the church of the Church of Scientology, and Jen B. alleges that the two met during the late ‘90s/early 2000s when they were both part of a social circle linked to Scientology.

Jen B. alleged that the reported rape occurred on April 25, 2003, when she went to Danny Masterson’s house to pick up a set of keys. She went on to describe the alleged incident, saying that she was feeling queasy and drifting in and out of consciousness about 20 minutes after receiving a vodka cocktail from Masterson, at her request. She then claimed she could not resist as Masterson allegedly threw her into a jacuzzi, after which she reportedly needed help from a friend as she could not stand on her own.

Following this, Jen B. went on to claim that Danny Masterson carried her upstairs and put her in the shower while she was vomiting and that when she woke, the actor was reportedly cleaning her bare breasts. She says that though she tried to fight him off, she lost consciousness and the actor allegedly threw her on his bed. Jen B. alleges that she woke up to Masterson raping her and that she pulled on his hair in an attempt to get him off her body. She then alleges that Masterson pulled out a gun in an attempt to threaten her.

Jen B. claims the leadership of the church, of which her parents and friends were members, urged her not to go to the police at the time. During her cross-examination, she was challenged on differences in her account and her 2004 police report and, while she acknowledged that there were differences, she said she gave truthful accounts in every case.

Danny Masterson is also involved in another legal matter, as he and the Church of Scientology are facing a 2019 civil lawsuit. In the lawsuit, four women alleged that they were intimidated and stalked by the Church of Scientology after they reported Masterson for alleged sexual assault. A judge later ruled that the lawsuit has to be settled in mediation within the Church of Scientology.

After Tuesday, the preliminary hearing regarding the initial three women is set to continue for three days, as prosecutors will continue to present evidence of Danny Masterson’s alleged actions. If Masterson is convicted, he could face up to 45 years in prison.

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