Mom's Allison Janney Has A Message For The Fans After Series Finale Airs

Bonnie making her final emotional AA speech in the Mom series finale

Mom’s series finale was satisfying, funny and bittersweet all at the same time. While the sitcom had a solid ending, fans were likely still a bit saddened by the sudden decision to end the show. But no one seemed more shocked than the cast and crew, including Allison Janney. And after the series finale aired, the Mom star shared a special message dedicated to the fans.

After the touching finale, Allison Janney took to her Instagram to share some memories from the set of the CBS sitcom and show Mom’s devoted fanbase some love by thanking and praising them for making the show a success. The Oscar winner was also vulnerable, sharing that “endings are hard.” Check out Janney’s touching trip down memory lane below:

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Allison Janney’s post showed just how fun and warm the set of Mom was. The star allowed fans to get one more peek into the cast and crew’s chemistry, following the series finale. As Janney pointed out, it was the viewers who brought the series back season after season. All in all, it was a nice farewell and something for the fans to enjoy in the midst of the show's goodbye.

Allison Janney’s touching fan message also shows just how palpable the connection between the show and its fanbase was (and continues to be). Fans’ support and devotion helped to carry Mom to the finish line, and that couldn’t be ignored.

Allison Janney’s Instagram post gave just a hint of her feelings about Mom coming to an end, as the actress hasn’t shied away from giving her thoughts on the series’ cancellation. Janney originally reacted to the show’s surprise cancellation on social media shortly after it was reported, and she later shared more sentiments during an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Later, the Oscar winner gave her thoughts on the CBS sitcom ending and reasons for its cancellation, stating her belief that money played a role in the decision. But soon, the actress revealed that she had to refrain from expressing her thoughts on the cancellation.

Despite the bittersweet finale, Allison Janney did make off with a few mementos, admitting that she took a wig and some outfits from the set, so she still gets to take a few pieces of the show with her. You never know, the paparazzi might catch the actress sporting her Mom wig and outfit while running errands, which would likely be a delight for fans.

Hopefully, Allison Janney’s post will provide some comfort for Mom fans who are still copping with the show's conclusion. But viewers shouldn’t be too sad as they can relive Bonnie, Christy and the gang’s misadventures by streaming past seasons of the show on Paramount+.

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