This Is Us: 6 Questions We Have After The Season 5 Finale

Kate and Toby in the _This Is Us_ Season 5 finale.

Major This is Us Season 5 spoilers ahead!

I think we can all collectively agree that the Season 5 finale for This Is Us was absolutely bonkers. While the whole wedding day of Kate and Kevin, in and of itself, was ridiculously crazy and there was so much drama, none of us expected that twist at the very end of the show. At the end of the Season 5 finale, we flash forward to five years in the future, and Kate is getting married to someone else, with several other questions popping up as the scene when on.

I mean, with This Is Us being five seasons deep, we should expect this at this point, but it seems they continue to surprise us, don’t they?

It’s time we all talked about that finale, and exactly what happened because I have so many questions that I need answers to now or else my head is going to explode. Here are all the questions we have for the Season 5 finale of This Is Us.

Kate and Toby in This Is Us.

Why Did Kate And Toby Get Divorced?

The biggest bombshell of this twist in This Is Us was that it looks like Kate is getting re-married. When Kevin was trying to perfect his speech, Kate came out of a room in a beautiful wedding gown, saying that it was "the last time" she was doing this. This speaks for itself – Kate and Toby are no longer together in the future.

Many fans theorized that it could just be them renewing their wedding vows, but if you recall, Toby doesn’t seem to be wearing a wedding band in the future shots that we’ve gotten, so they are definitely divorced, right? This was just the confirmation we needed. But the question remains – what causes them to divorce? Literally, in this episode, they both agreed that no matter what, they would get through what’s coming up and yet here, five years later, they’re not together anymore.

I think one of the theories that most people seem to be running with is that the long-distance thing just didn’t work out, which is a totally fine explanation as to why they would separate. However, knowing the This Is Us writers, they might try and pull a fast one on us and give us a completely new reason.

Phillip in the This Is Us Season 5 finale.

Is Phillip Connected In Ways We Don’t Know About Yet?

Another bomb of a drop in this twist from This Is Us is that it seems that Kate’s boss, Phillip, seems to be connected to the family in some way. He says to Kevin that he is going to be his “future brother-in-law,” so that leaves only one question: is Phillip connected in ways we don’t know about yet?

With me, there are two options here – either he’s going to end up becoming Kate’s husband – which honestly would be a shocker considering he did not like her at the start of her time at her job – or he actually might be Madison’s brother. If you recall, in the last episode we hear that Madison’s mother is British, and Phillip is British. Might be a clue.

I know, it sounds like I’m reaching right now but hey, with the This Is Us writers, you never really know. Literally, anything is possible.

Kevin and Madison in This Is Us.

Will Kevin And Madison Get Married At Some Point?

At the end of the Season 5 finale of This Is Us, we as the audience are kind of left in limbo about Madison and Kevin’s relationship. Madison broke it off when she realized that Kevin wasn’t in love with her, but in love with the idea of their family, and wanted a man who was in love with her to marry her.

A respectable response, honestly. Kudos to her for doing this on their wedding day rather than way down the line. But that leaves us with the question of both Madison and Kevin and their relationship. From the future, we can clearly see they are on good terms following what happened on their wedding day.

However, I still have hope for these two. Notice how it does take place five years in the future - a lot can happen in five years, and I wouldn’t be surprised if these two really allowed their relationship to grow and possibly get together down the line. Maybe even be married. If they’re still friends, that’s totally fine with me, but one can always dream.

Randall in This Is Us.

Is Randall Becoming A Serious Rising Politician?

When Randall first started this quest to help restore the city of Philadelphia a couple of seasons ago on This Is Us, I never believed that it would escalate to this point. I always knew he’d be a great leader but judging from that article that was shown in the flashforward, Randall might be becoming something more.

Maybe…Randall for president?

I know that’s a far statement for someone to say but there’s a reason why they would show he’s a “rising star” in the political world. Something tells me that there’s going to be way more politics in Randall’s future. And with Beth by his side, I'm sure he'll succeed.

Nick Pearson on This Is Us.

Who Did Nicky Marry?

Nicky is one of those guys that you just want to succeed so badly in This Is Us because he’s been through so much, and in the future, I think he really does, because there are two instances where he says “the wife” and he has a wedding band on his finger. So that means that Nicky might have found his own love, despite him being later in years.

But that still poses the question of who did he marry? If you recall a couple of episodes back, Nicky did have a romance with a young woman named Sally, but that didn’t work out. Could he have reconnected with her so many years later and possibly reignited that spark? Or could there be a completely new person that he married?

Either way, I’m happy he’s finally found his happiness – I just wish we knew who it was. I must have patience.

Rebecca Pearson in This Is Us.

Why Wasn’t Rebecca Seen On Kate’s Big Day?

I know that we’re all worried about our favorite onscreen mother on This Is Us, but I am a little bit concerned about where Rebecca is on Kate’s big day. Out of everyone to be in the room with her, I truly thought she would be one of the first, however, she was nowhere to be seen.

This doesn’t mean that she doesn’t show up at some point down the line, in several other possible flashbacks, but with how many issues she’s had with her head, and this being five years in the future, I wouldn’t be shocked if they ended up doing something with her. I’m hoping for the best that she’s alright and just waiting in the congregation like any other guest at a wedding, but hopefully, that question will be answered soon.

Ugh, now we have to wait to find our answers – it’s going to kill me! With a crazy finale like that, I’m going to need to somehow bide my time so I don’t overthink what could happen – maybe look up some movies on Netflix. Maybe find some other shows just like This is Us.

I’m going to miss my Pearson family – hopefully, they come back stronger than ever – and with some answers.

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