Hallmark’s Murder, She Baked Stars Are Reuniting And It Feels So Good

Murder, She Baked Official Poster From Hallmark, Alison Sweeney

There’s good news for Hallmark fans this month, particularly those who have been a fan of Alison Sweeney and Cameron Mathison’s match-ups in the past. The two formerly starred together in the cutely named Murder, She Baked mysteries featuring baker Hannah Swenson and Detective Mike Kingston. Now, they’ll be reuniting for another murder mystery and it feels so good.

Cameron Mathison, who currently stars in Hallmark’s Home and Family series (a series which will be wrapping this year) was the first to break the news and it came as a bit of a surprise. Why? Well, we haven’t actually had a new Murder, She Baked mystery since 2017. Basically, it had been a bit since we'd heard from the two characters, making the new mystery a little surprising, but here’s Mathison’s post confirming the news:

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Both Cameron Mathison and former Biggest Loser host Alison Sweeney are staples on the Hallmark Channel and in Murder, She Baked they’ve made a good pair though some outside sources have threatened their TV romance. According to a report over at ET, the new mystery will see Hannah Swenson and Mike Kingston planning a wedding when another murder -- this time at Hannah’s own gym! -- begins to “complicate their wedding plans.”

Earlier in May, Alison Sweeney shared some news about getting prepped to work on her latest Hallmark movie. (She also produces for Murder, She Baked.) She noted at the time the details were finally coming together, mentioning hashtags with sentiments like the fact she loves her job and that the project will be “coming soon.” She also said:

I am feeling super motivated this Monday!! Love getting to ‘knuckle down’ (as my father would say) and work out all the final details and logistics for my next Hallmark movie. Can’t wait to share with you all my next project!!

It’s actually been since 2017 when the last Murder, She Baked, Just Desserts, came out. Shortly after, Alison Sweeney went on to play Alex McPherson in The Chronicle Mysteries opposite Benjamin Ayres for Hallmark. Mathison’s been busy with the show, but he also made time for one-off Hallmark movies so it’s unclear why the Murder, She Baked mysteries intially stopped.

Still, for the past few weeks, Alison Sweeney had been teasing the new Hallmark project she’s been working on, including sharing a scene set in the gym--and given what we now know about the new Hannah Swenson story, the whole thing is starting to come together.

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I find Murder, She Baked to be delightful, so I’m happy about this outcome, but I hope this doesn’t mean The Chronicle Mysteries is over. Luckily, now that stuff is back in full swing following the events of the past year, there’s plenty of time in the schedule to do multiple Hallmark movies and we’ll keep you updated every step of the way!

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