Ellen Pompeo Responded To Grey's Anatomy Fan Who Spotted A Framed Picture Of Meredith At Her Urgent Care Clinic

Ellen Pompeo as Meredith Grey in Grey's Anatomy.

Veteran medical drama Grey’s Anatomy has been going strong for 17 seasons now and is just one of many medical dramas that have made an impact on society, alongside ER, Chicago Med, General Hospital and House. While the characters are fictional, that doesn’t mean that they still can’t be spotted in the real world, as one fan spotted a picture of Ellen Pompeo’s titular character Meredith Grey, as well as Hugh Laurie’s Dr. Gregory House, at her urgent care clinic, and Pompeo had the perfect response.

Over the years, the ABC drama has been known for killing off characters unexpectedly, and even Meredith has been inching closer to death, especially with this most previous season. After a fan on Twitter posted a picture of framed pictures of Dr. Grey and Dr. House at her Manhattan urgent care clinic, Ellen Pompeo gave her some advice that will surely make any Grey’s fan laugh:

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Ellen Pompeo’s reaction to the tweet shows that she is more than aware of what her character has gone through, as Meredith has dealt with her fair share of trauma and near-death experiences over the show’s 17 seasons, essentially making her a magnet for death. Following Meredith’s COVID-filled season and her recovery in the final episodes of the latest season, things could finally be looking up for the famed surgeon. This means that, hopefully, any sight of Meredith in the wild could be a sign that things are turning around for the better.

Season 17 was a lot for fans to take in, between Meredith’s season-long COVID journey, DeLuca’s heartbreaking murder, the highly-anticipated Japril reunion (and Jackson's subsequent exit from Grey Sloan), and Jo’s growing love for premature baby Luna whose mother died due to complications. There was also the uncertainty regarding whether or not the series would be renewed, something that even members of the cast could feel. While most of the episodes were intense, the season ended on a high, and much happier, note for the majority of the characters.

Grey’s Anatomy was ultimately renewed last month after a very long wait, as fans were scared the series would be ending after Season 17, especially after some major returns and speculations. Ellen Pompeo had reportedly signed a contract extension to keep Meredith on TV for at least one more year. Now, with Meredith officially back at work and doing surgery once again, in addition to taking over the residency program, it'll be interesting to see what lies ahead for her in the upcoming 18th season.

Hopefully, Grey Sloan Memorial will be less of a death trap in Season 18, and Ellen Pompeo won’t have to tell fans to run away if they see any sight of a Meredith photo at their local urgent care clinic. Before the show returns to ABC this fall on Thursdays at 9 p.m. EST, find out which shows you can look forward to for the 2021 summer TV season!

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