Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist’s Showrunner Wants Fans To Help Save Jane Levy Series After Cancellation

Skylar Astin as Max and Jane Levy as Zoey Clarke in Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist.

The Season 2 finale of Jane Levy's Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist aired in mid-May, and while there were early talks about possibly moving the NBC musical dramedy to sister streaming service Peacock, the network has decided to cancel the series completely. However Zoey’s showrunner Austin Winsberg is not going down without a fight, and he doesn't think fans should, either.

Almost as soon as news broke about the cancellation, Austin Winsberg took to Twitter to rally fans to help save the show and start a hashtag movement. In a thread of inspired tweets, the showrunner told fans that he believes they have a real chance at finding new life for Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist, and he also tagged other members of the ensemble cast to get their involvement. Within hours, the hashtag was trending high on Twitter, sparking more hope amongst the fanbase. Here's what Winsberg had to say:

Okay. Here we are. The news is out. NBC/Peacock have decided not to go forward with another season. We can discuss that later. But right now I refuse to believe the show is dead. There is too much love and goodwill and the fan base is incredible. Now here is what I need. I believe we can have a real chance somewhere else. But the more fan support we can throw behind it - the better. Please tweet #saveZoeysplaylist. Let’s get it trending and let the powers that be know the appetite is strong. Also open to any other suggestions to prove the love.

Fan campaigns have been partially responsible for saving multiple series from cancellations in recent years, such as the Fox-to-NBC comedy Brooklyn Nine-Nine and the Fox-to-Netflix drama Lucifer. More recently, fans were campaigning to save recently axed series like CBS’ MacGyver and Fox’s Prodigal Son, though no further news has come out about either of those. Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist is just the latest to enter fan campaigns, and for good reason.

Lionsgate, the studio behind the musical dramedy, is reportedly shopping Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist to other networks and streaming platforms, and the studio made sure fans knew that they are being heard on Twitter:

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Many actors from the musical dramedy have also gone on social media to share their thoughts about the cancellation, and to spread awareness for the hashtag push. John Clarence Stewart, who plays Simon, thanked fans for their support by retweeting and liking their heartfelt messages:

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Pitch Perfect actor Skylar Astin, who portrays Max, is also encouraging fans to take part in the #SaveZoeysPlaylist campaign. He shared Austin Winsberg’s thread and a screenshot of the hashtag holding at the #1 spot on Trending. While it’s heartbreaking to think about never reuniting with Zoey, Max, Mo and company, it would be surprising if the show isn’t picked up elsewhere else, considering this outpouring of fan love and support:

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Deb actress Bernadette Peters simply shared her disappointment about the series getting canceled, noting the musical aspect and its beautiful storylines, while also sharing the hashtag:

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Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist’s cancellation is a major disappointment, especially since viewers were hoping for more following that Season 2 finale. Even though the rate of successful fan campaigns isn't altogether positive, let's hope that the extra help from the cast and crew will help convince another studio to step in and bring the show back for an extended encore.

In the meantime, spend some of your 2021 Summer TV season by streaming both seasons of Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist on Peacock.

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