Rihanna’s Savage X Fenty Debuted Butt-Baring Leggings, And Someone Call Lizzo

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Rihanna’s Fenty fashion line may not have made it through the pandemic, but some of the “Diamonds” singer’s other brands are still going strong. This includes Savage X Fenty, the singer and entrepreneur’s feisty line of lingerie. Now, that brand is going viral for selling some butt-baring leggings and someone better call Lizzo.

The former The Voice mentor is really trying to make butt-free leggings happen. Right now she has a few options in the new genre of pants, too. One’s a Soft Mesh Open-Back Crotchless Legging (which reviewers say run a little big). Another option is a paisley printed pair with a butt-baring cutout called the Bohemian Paisley Open Back Leggings (which has a lot of ribbon-y things and clasps and are "Rihanna's Pick"). Normally this would be the part of the article where I’d mention images are potentially NSFW, but we’re kind of in new territory here. Just note, you’re gonna see some butt cleavage.

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Look, Rihanna’s Savage Fenty Line is known for selling sexy lingerie, so the fact her line itself might push out something butt-baring is not that huge of a shock. For example, Rihanna has butt-baring lingerie in her line this season as well, though that sort of peekaboo look is typically more for the bedroom than the living room or gym.

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I’m just not really sure what the practical application for butt-baring leggings is? They’re assumedly too risqué to wear out in public. They also really feel like a weird choice for getting in the mood or even for wearing around the house. Plus, I'd have to assume anyone choosing to squat in those is deeply uninterested in actually working out.

However, I am not every woman and these leggings actually seem to have good reviews, with both pairs landing solid four star averages. To note, there is an audience for this, as Lizzo once wore a butt-baring dress to a basketball game and twerked on the jumbotron and I assume would be here for these leggings. In fact, the “Truth Hurts” singer declared it “ass crack summer” just a few months back. Now, you too, can join her.

In the reviews, one user Jennifer wrote that she does, in fact, enjoy wearing the soft mesh open-back leggings around the house:

It is pretty clear these aren't the type of leggings you are going to wear to the grocery store, but as something sexy and different for around the house or to sleep in? These are unique, flattering, and really pretty! I love the back detail and even the crotchless design, you can wear panties under them or go commando and both are comfy options.

Another reviewer on the paisley pair noted that she would never have bought the leggings but was kind of digging the butt cutouts.

I would never have picked these out for myself - the bum cut out is... different. But honestly I put them on and loved them. They're soft and slinky and fit just right. This product was gifted to me for an honest review.

Rihanna loves a good butt, and when she worked on Ocean’s Eight with Anne Hathaway she made sure to let her co-star know that she was killing it from behind. I guess this is simply the next step for Savage X Fenty fans to show off their assets. However, the curiosity is killing me, so I do have to ask: Would you be caught dead in leggings with butt cutouts, even at home?

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