Loki's Director Shares Sweet Post As Tom Hiddleston Series Wraps With Episode 3 On The Way

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(Image credit: disney+ press)
(Image credit: disney+ press)

So far, Marvel and Disney+'s Loki feels like a solid mix of WandaVision's genre-bending mysteries and Falcon and Winter Soldier's more straightforward comic book approach. It's no mystery that the show looks fantastic, though, from the Time Variance Authority's sets to Tom Hiddleston's costumes to Owen Wilson's Mobius mustache. But it might surprise fans to learn that even though we've almost reached the midpoint of the season, the supervillain series apparently only just wrapped up its production.

Fans can be sure that much celebrating is taking place this week for the creative team members responsible for Loki's post-production process, as series director and executive producer Kate Herron excitedly revealed on Twitter that the final touches had been put to the MCU series' season finale. Check out her post below!

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All hail the horns! Despite being a TV show dedicated to Tom Hiddleston's slightly more evil and less humane version of the God of Mischief, Loki appears to have made it through the entire production without dealing with much mischief behind the scenes, minus, of course the unignorable existence of the COVID-19 pandemic, of course. As far as reports went, Loki sounded like it was quite the pleasant project to work on, with Hiddleston serving as a rich source of character-centric info for others on the set.

That the show only just brought the finale to completion may sound like a worrying prospect to some, but it's very likely just par for the course for a weekly drama that boasts as many stunts and visual effects as Loki does. As opposed to being something majorly drastic like reshooting a rewritten episode climax, the chances are high that the final work being done to Loki's season finale involved digital effects, or music, or some other element that did not require the daily efforts of the entire cast and crew. But even if not everyone was involved, it's still a reason for everyone to celebrate.

After all, those effects in the finale are presumably going to be scattered across some of Loki's most exciting scenes, considering the episode will not only close out the season's time-tripping narrative, but will also somewhat directly lead into Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, among other MCU projects. What I won't presume, however, is that Loki will end on the empathetic antagonist walking triumphantly away from a bunch of bleachers.

Loki has so far been touted as being Disney+'s most popular MCU series yet, bringing in bigger audiences during its Wednesday morning releases. So big, apparently, that the streaming service subsequently decided to pivot to Wednesdays as the ideal debut anchor for many of its original series. Time will tell if audiences stick with Tom Hiddleston and Loki's twisty storyline throughout all six episodes, but considering such a big reveal already came out of Episode 2, I guessing fans are eager to see how quickly the series will answer other big questions.

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