NCIS' Pauley Perrette Pays Tribute To Her Late Father, Who Died Of Covid-19

Pauley Perrette looking a bit somber as she stands on NCIS, wearing all black.

Longtime NCIS star Pauley Perrette lost her father earlier this year to Covid-19. The two were extremely close. Earlier this month, she released an honest and touching video talking about her first Father’s Day without him. A few days later, he was recognized as part of a project humanizing people who died from Covid, and she followed up with some further kind words.

The project in question is called Faces Of Covid. It’s a Twitter account with almost 150,000 subscribers. It tweets out a picture of people who have died from Covid along with a quote from family and friends about what they were like. Pauley Perrette’s dad was honored this past week with a fun picture that included the NCIS actress and a really touching message about his accomplishments and what he was like as a person. You can check out the post below…

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Her beautiful words about her dad were a nice follow-up to the Father’s Day video she released a week ago. In it, Pauley Perrette talked about seeing messages from fans on past Father’s Days talking about how the holiday changes after your dad is no longer around. She discussed how she now relates so much to those emotions and wished everyone blessings. You can watch her very relatable video below…

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Pauley Perrette was repeatedly open about her close relationship with her dad prior to his passing. She dropped a social media post with pictures last year after he visited the set of her show Broke for a special episode about dads. He even gave the occasional interview updating fans on what his daughter was doing and even recommending what he thought she should do next. It was really touching to see, as the entertainment industry isn’t always the most family-centric place, and it was also touching to see after his passing Perrette announce she was working on a project to help raise money for firefighters in honor of her dad and uncle.

Following an incredible fifteen year run on NCIS, Pauley Perrette returned to television last year with the show Broke. The sitcom initially got middling reviews but seemed to be finding its way when it was abruptly cancelled. Given her popularity and connection with fans, Perrette definitely could have found another acting job, but instead, she decided to step away and retire, which has caused her to reflect quite a bit on the business and fame in general.

Losing a close family member is never easy. Losing one to a pandemic no doubt brings along its own unique feelings. Good for Pauley Perrette for being so open and honest with her own feelings. With so many people in the same boat, there’s no doubt her words and videos are helping other people find common ground and dealing with their own pain. Paul Perrette will clearly be missed, as will everyone else who lost their lives to Covid.

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