Tool's Maynard James Keenan Apparently Loves Letterkenny, Absolutely Roasted Star In TikTok Video

Stuart and roald on letterkenny

I’m not sure there’s much in the world I enjoy more than fandoms colliding. OK, maybe like the occasional chocolate chip cookie or hitting a running milestone, but otherwise this video of Tool’s Maynard James Keenan calling out Letterkenny star Evan Stern is an example of one of the reasons the Internet can be great (when it doesn't suck of course.) In fact, watching Keenan go on his own Letterkenny-level roast just made my day. But it’s gonna take a little explaining to get to how and why Kennan just told Roald actor Evan Stern to “calm the fuck down.”

Evan Stern, along with a couple of his other Letterkenny co-stars (see: Michelle Mylett) are pretty active on social media. Recently, Stern noticed a video of Tool and Puscifer frontman Maynard James Keenan wearing a Letterkenny shirt and took the opportunity to share that hot fact with his own fans. It's worth noting, Stern’s character Roald is a Tool fan on the series and has mentioned the band before. So, he made a video connecting the dots between the Hulu and Crave series and Keenan himself.


Letterkenny boasts a slew of fans, so the realization a big name might watch isn’t a shocker, though it’s fun watching a cast member do a little bit of a deep dive into the show's fandom. However, what’s even better about Evan Stern’s find is that Maynard James Keenan himself responded to Stern's post (in another Letterkenny t-shirt) and managed to both call out the Roald actor on a misconception while also spotlighting he is in fact a fan, as was postured.

Dropping an f-bomb and telling Evan Stern to “calm the fuck down,” Maynard James Keenan also pointed out that he’s the lyricist and the only singer Tool has so he’s not the “lead singer.” The trash talk was peppered with Letterkenny one-liners and I wonder if it’s weirder for Stern hearing Maynard James Keenan quoting Letterkenny or if he still finds the number of times a day he’s asked to say “Stuart” by strangers to be the odder occurrence. Either way it could be worse, as someone could be asking Stern about butt stuff all the time. Letterkenny problems, amirite?


In the meantime, Letterkenny just recently wrapped filming on Season 10 and a slew of cast members shared photos from set. There’s no word on when exactly those episodes will be dropping on Crave and Hulu, yet. However, last year we got a surprise set of episodes right around the holiday and it really was the gift that kept on giving. So I could imagine Hulu either dropping the episodes in similar fashion or even at a similar time this coming year.

Now I'm just hotly anticipating a future in which other celebrities who also happen to be Letterkenny fans also get in on roasting the cast when warranted. There's got to be something to keep us all occupied while we wait for the new episodes to drop. As long as that activity is not fucking an ostrich I'm here for it.

Jessica Rawden
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